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King Creole (1958): The Dreamspace of “New Orleans”

Young Danny Fisher (Elvis Presley) in King Creole (1958) is a high school flunky a couple times over (“I’m not going back to school. Before you know it, I’ll be a freshman again”), working jobs as a busboy in seedy … Continue reading

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A QA with Jeremy Richey about Elvis Presley As An Actor

Jeremy Richey’s site Moon in the Gutter has been an almost-daily pitstop for me ever since I discovered it years ago. He approaches his topics with passion and enthusiasm, and reminds me of one of those buttons on Facebook that … Continue reading

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HBO’s God Is the Bigger Elvis

Mother Prioress Dolores Hart today With her leading man, 1957 The Oscar-nominated documentary God is the Bigger Elvis aired on HBO last night. My review is now up at Press Play.

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A Brutal Scene: Elvis Presley and Dolores Hart in King Creole

Second post about Dolores Hart, costar with Elvis in two movies before she left Hollywood to become a nun. A documentary about her has been nominated for an Academy Award, and I have always wanted to write about her, so … Continue reading

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God Is The Bigger Elvis

Young actress Dolores Hart made her debut opposite Elvis Presley in Loving You (1957), his second film. She worked with him again, the following year, in King Creole, the final film he did before shipping off to Germany. She had … Continue reading

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Elvy and Valty

Elvis Presley, Walter Matthau, Carolyn Jones, “King Creole” Walter Matthau in a BBC interview on working with Elvis Presley in the Michael Curtiz-directed King Creole (Curtiz famously had an incomprehensible Hungarian accent): I almost hesitate, I creep up to the … Continue reading

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The Colonel and Elvis: A Conversation Between Kent Adamson and Sheila O’Malley

Elvis and the Colonel, 1960s Colonel Tom Parker, Elvis Presley’s manager for 20 years, is one of the most controversial figures in the Elvis Presley saga. In some circles, he is blamed for everything that didn’t happen in Presley’s career, … Continue reading

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The Comb

To those of you new to me, here is an example of the kind of things I look for in actors. I look for the moments many take for granted, and yet such moments are essential in a building-block kind … Continue reading

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Hal Wallis and Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley and Hal Wallis I’ve written before about Hal Wallis, and my admiration for not only his producing smarts, but how he exemplifies the artistic and intuitive producer (so so rare nowadays). His memos in re: Casablanca are not … Continue reading

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