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On This Day: March 25, 1911: The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire

On March 25, 1911, a fire broke out on the eighth floor of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory, a sweatshop located on 23-29 Washington Place, right off Washington Square Park. The majority of workers were immigrant women. In the years preceding … Continue reading

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Four Years Ago Today Hurricane Sandy Hit New York, New Jersey

I’ve been through a lot of hurricanes. But Sandy was the worst storm I have experienced. I had made my preparations in my apartment to ride out the storm. The year before we had had Hurricane Irene, which was very … Continue reading

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The 2996 Project: In Memory of Michael J. Pascuma, Jr.

The 2,996 project is an ongoing collective tribute to the victims of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. I signed up during its first year (in 2006). You were assigned a name, at random, of one of the people … Continue reading

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The Two Days That Came Before

September 9 I rushed to meet my sister Siobhan for a drink. We were convening at Astor Bar, one of our favorite places in the city. It was in a central location, it was close to Siobhan’s job and it … Continue reading

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For Father’s Day

Seen yesterday in Brooklyn. I love how the sign across the street is a potential clue to the complexities involved in the question.

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“The first announced event is a double feature of Babe: Pig in the City and Eyes Wide Shut, to be introduced by Noah Baumbach.” – on the new arthouse theatre, The Metrograph, opening in NYC

That quote comes from the piece Jordan Hoffman wrote on The Metrograph, the new arthouse theatre opening in Manhattan (the first new one to appear in decades). (Serious Trekkies will probably recognize Jordan’s name. I mean …) First of all, … Continue reading

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New York Collage

While New York is no longer the grimy anarchic dangerous New York of my childhood, there are still glimpses of that old anarchy. Anarchy that is strikingly beautiful. This collage, in Greenwich Village, huddled between two indistinct doorways caught my … Continue reading

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Noir Night

Manhattan on a windy autumn night is straight out of a film noir. I was meeting someone near Columbus Circle for dinner. The leaves have fallen, the leaves swirled through the darkness. It was misty. Chilly, but not too cold. … Continue reading

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“Good Bye New York” by Brendan O’Malley

My brother Brendan is an amazing person, a great father to Cashel and Emmett, and partner to Melody, a supportive and beautiful man. I am so proud of him. We all are. His latest gig is a Story Editor/Writer on … Continue reading

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It was a drizzly morning. I went to an early movie this morning before my doctor’s appointment. Movie was down in Union Square, near my docs, so emerging from the subway is when you walk into Chess-Land. It had started … Continue reading

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