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Happy Birthday, Niccolò Machiavelli: “Fear and the absence of hatred may go well together.”

Niccolò Machiavelli was born in Florence, Italy, May 3, 1469 We first had to read The Prince in high school. I remember it as drudgery. I read it again a couple years later, and the light dawned. It became especially … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Poet Andrew Marvell

A re-post for poet Andrew Marvell’s birthday Daily Book Excerpt: Poetry Six Centuries of Great Poetry: A Stunning Collection of Classic British Poems from Chaucer to Yeats, edited by Robert Penn Warren and Albert Erskine Another Metaphysical poet, Andrew Marvell … Continue reading

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“A soothsayer bids you beware the ides of March.”

In the current climate in the United States, which … you honestly have to be here to get the full effect of … the time is ripe for a wandering doom-predicting soothsayer, and whispering cabals of frightened men, and rumors … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Benjamin Franklin: Excerpt from Arguably, ‘Benjamin Franklin: Free and Easy’, by Christopher Hitchens

A re-post for Benjamin Franklin’s birthday, born in Massachusetts on this day in 1706. On the essays shelf: Arguably: Essays by Christopher Hitchens My grandmother had a big illustrated copy of Poor Richard’s Almanac, which I had practically memorized by … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Rudyard Kipling

Rudyard Kipling was born in Bombay, India on December 30, 1865. “I woshipped Kipling at 13, loathed him at 17, enjoyed him at 20, despised him at 25, and now again rather admire him.” – George Orwell, 1936 Michael Schmidt, … Continue reading

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Mustang (2015)

Mustang is the third breathtakingly confident directorial debut I’ve seen this week. Is there something in the water? First there was Christmas, Again. Then there was Night Owls, and now Mustang, from first-time Turkish director Deniz Gamze Ergüven. The three … Continue reading

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Sweet Micky for President (2015)

Member the recent election in Haiti? You know, the one where Pras Michel of The Fugees managed the campaign of one candidate, gigantic Haitian pop star “Sweet Micky”, and the one where Wyclef, also of The Fugees, threw HIS hat … Continue reading

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The Books: The Young Rebecca: Writings of Rebecca West 1911-17; “Reed of Steel” (on Emmeline Pankhurst)

On the essays shelf (yes, there are still more books to excerpt in my vast library. I can’t seem to stop this excerpts-from-my-library project. I started it in 2006!) NEXT BOOK: The Young Rebecca: Writings of Rebecca West, 1911-17 It’s … Continue reading

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Suffragette (2015)

I did not care for it at all. My review of Suffragette is now up at Rogerebert.com.

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A Question of Love: 1978 TV Movie starring Gena Rowlands

Alongside her film career, Gena Rowlands worked constantly in television (and this was true from her earliest days in the 1950s.) Her husband John Cassavetes also worked constantly in television and film, with key roles in (famously), The Dirty Dozen … Continue reading

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