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Book Questionnaire Full of Shame, Loathing and Lying

I can’t remember where I initially found this questionnaire, but in re-doing my Categories I found the questions saved in Drafts. I had obviously seen them somewhere, and wanted to answer them eventually. Thought I’d bring it out now. Haven’t … Continue reading

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Rebecca West on Goering

I’ve got a couple of what I call “intellectual idols”, people who analyze and parse the world and its events, in a way that seems singular, important, and (in some cases) life-altering (for me). I was one way before I … Continue reading

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The Boat Cemetery in Central Asia

Ryszard Kapucinski in his book Imperium writes: Central Asia is deserts and more deserts, fields of brown weathered stones, the heat from the sun above, sandstorms. But the world of the Syr Darya and the Amu Darya is different. Arable … Continue reading

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The Books: “The Things They Carried’ (Tim O’Brien)

Daily Book Excerpt: Adult fiction: The Things They Carried, by Tim O’Brien. Fiction? Journalism? Reportage? Memoir? Do we really care? I don’t. But lots of people seem to reallllllly care about those labels. As we have seen time and time … Continue reading

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2007 Year in Pictures: Tribute to Ryzsard Kapuscinski at the NYPL

Rest in peace.

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5 Books

Got a cool mee-mee from 50 Books: Five most recent books you’ve bought for yourself: Grover Cleveland (The American Presidents Series) – by Henry Graff Then She Found Me – by Elinor Lipman – I used to have this book … Continue reading

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Tribute to Ryszard Kapuscinski

My heart is so full. The place was standing room only. The line was (literally) around the block. It went from the door on 42nd Street all the way to 6th Avenue. I heard Polish being spoken in line, we … Continue reading

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Tribute at NYPL

To one of my favorite people in the world. And some of my OTHER favorite people in the world are on the panel. And I’m gonna be there, and I’m having a heart attack.

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Idi Amin, Continued

The Idi Amin theme continues. AC took it up here. And here. And I went back to look through my main man Ryszard’s book The Shadow of the Sun for his chapter on Uganda. Here’s a bit of it:

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The Idi Amin Theme

Suddenly he’s everywhere. First of all – Ryzsard Kapuscinski was working on a book about Idi Amin when he died – Or maybe he finished it, not sure. One of the chapters in his book about Africa was devoted to … Continue reading

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