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R.I.P. Michael Herr

War journalist and screenwriter Michael Herr has died at the age of 76. His Dispatches, the classic of war journalism and so influential you can’t even measure it, is on most Best Nonfiction Books of All Time worth their salt. … Continue reading

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2015 Books Read

Even I am impressed with how much I read this year. Along the course of the year, occasionally I’d think to myself, “Good job, Sheila, with your Self-Imposed Reading Plan!” I’ve read a lot of new novels (not really my … Continue reading

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Daughter From Danang (2002); directed by Gail Dolgin and Vicente Franco

Nominated for an Oscar, Daughter From Danang is one of the most emotionally harrowing documentaries I’ve ever seen. Halfway through I started to get a very very bad feeling. Something was approaching, something unforeseen, something completely unexpected. You could feel … Continue reading

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Thank You To All Who Serve

I took this photo on Veterans Day, 2008, after watching an outdoor concert given by the USMC band in NYC. “They carried USO stationery and pencils and pens. They carried Sterno, safety pins, trip flares, signal flares, spools of wire, … Continue reading

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Matt Zoller Seitz and I Discuss Nancy Savoca’s Dogfight

Matt Zoller Seitz (currently the television critic for Salon) and I share a love of Nancy Savoca’s Dogfight, and in that, I know we are not alone. Dogfight, written by Bob Comfort, and directed by Nancy Savoca, stars Lili Taylor … Continue reading

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Viva Vietnam

Ann Margret entertaining US troops in Vietnam, 1966.

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The Books: “The Things They Carried’ (Tim O’Brien)

Daily Book Excerpt: Adult fiction: The Things They Carried, by Tim O’Brien. Fiction? Journalism? Reportage? Memoir? Do we really care? I don’t. But lots of people seem to reallllllly care about those labels. As we have seen time and time … Continue reading

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The Books: “Going After Cacciato” (Tim O’Brien)

Daily Book Excerpt: Adult fiction: Going After Cacciato, by Tim O’Brien. Jean was the one who turned me on to Tim O’Brien – or, should I say, she demanded in no uncertain terms that I read Going After Cacciato and … Continue reading

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Christmas in Vietnam

A wonderful series of photos. I particularly like the dudes at the POW camp cooking Christmas dinner – but they’re all great photos. Check out Phyllis Diller’s green Peter Pan boots!!

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The Books: “Dispatches” (Michael Herr)

I’m on my history bookshelf. Next book on this shelf is called Dispatches by Michael Herr. Michael Herr also wrote Apocalypse Now – or, he was one of the writers. Dispatches is his book about being a foreign correspondent over … Continue reading

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