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Seen Recently: Corman’s World (2011), Imitation of Life (1959), Viva Zapata! (1952), The Skin I Live In (2011), Undercurrent (1946)

Corman’s World directed by Alex Stapleton A great documentary about Roger Corman whose low-budget productions in the 1960s/70s basically acted as film-school and film-experience for a generation of filmmakers who now run Hollywood. The stories are legendary, but here in … Continue reading

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Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

There are bad movies. There are good movies. There are great movies. And then there are perfect movies. Meet Me in St. Louis is a perfect movie. A beautiful post on Meet Me in St. Louis, from Greenbriar Picture Shows, … Continue reading

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— Still making my way thru War and Peace, a couple chapters a day. Still only on page 540 … but it’s riveting. It’s not a boring read and even the long sections about the freemasons end up adding to … Continue reading

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The Clock (1945); Dir. Vincente Minnelli

Mitchell and I were talking last week, and The Clock came up. Not only have I not seen the movie, I had never even heard of it. How is that possible? We had been laughing earlier about the time, years … Continue reading

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The Clock (1945): The Last Slow Pan

I just saw The Clock yesterday, starring Judy Garland and Robert Walker – and I want to talk about the slow panning shot near the end of the film. There’s a lot to say here about Vincente Minnelli and his … Continue reading

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Christmas Movie Tribute: “Meet me in St. Louis”

Here is Alex’s tribute to “Meet Me in St. Louis”. Believe it or not – I came to this film late. I had never seen it and then I was in college, and I became friends with Mitchell, and I … Continue reading

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