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“I only know that people call me a feminist whenever I express sentiments that differentiate me from a doormat or a prostitute.” Happy Birthday, Rebecca West

Dame Rebecca West is the grand dame on my very short list of “intellectual idols”. It is her birthday today. It is hard to talk about her without referencing the generations of writers she inspired, all of whom admit their … Continue reading

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On This Day: “December 7, 1941 – A Date Which Will Live In Infamy.”

Here is a cool fact about my home state, little Rhode Island: There are only a handful of newspapers in the United States that come out on Sunday afternoon, (as opposed to Sunday morning) and one of them is the … Continue reading

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On This Day: October 25, 1415: “We Few, We Happy Few.”

Today is the feast day of Saints Crispin and Crispinian, cobblers by trade (and patron saints thereof, although Vatican II nixed them from the calendar), fierce warriors of their faith, and martyred in 286. The Battle of Agincourt in 1415 … Continue reading

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Today In History: October 19, 1781

The surrender at Yorktown, which ended the American Revolutionary War. Day before: General Lord Charles Cornwallis to General George Washington, October 18, 1781 I agree to open a treaty of capitulation upon the basis of the garrisons of York and … Continue reading

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Watchers of the Sky (2014)

A powerful documentary about genocide. It’s unbelievable how much ground they cover, and how well it’s put together. Packs an enormous punch. I gave it four stars. Hell of an accomplishment. My review of Watchers of the Sky is now … Continue reading

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June 28, 1914: “But if ever a man went anywhere of his own free will, Franz Ferdinand went to Sarajevo.”

June 28, 1914: Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie – setting out in their motorcade in Sarajevo that fateful morning, as the assassins, unseen, move into position. Here are two excerpts from Rebecca West’s towering Black Lamb and Grey … Continue reading

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“The Catechism of the Ithaca Episode Really Helped Me Over There in Iraq.”

Marine and veteran of the war in Iraq reading from ULYSSES at Bloomsday celebration in downtown Manhattan, 2012. He said that while in Iraq he would read the Proteus episode over and over again. He said it helped give him … Continue reading

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My Version of “Beach Read”

Super-relaxing. YIKES. These maps STRESS ME OUT. The converging arrows! There are so many maps in this book (Catastrophe 1914: Europe Goes to War). Even scarier, I understand them. No, but seriously. I can’t put it down. I wrote on … Continue reading

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The Books: Arguably, ‘Rebecca West: Things Worth Fighting For’, by Christopher Hitchens

On the essays shelf: Arguably: Essays by Christopher Hitchens How do you “explain” Rebecca West? Especially to those who haven’t heard of her? Never mind the fact that it’s so strange and wrong that her name doesn’t resonate at the … Continue reading

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The Books: Arguably, ‘Marx’s Journalism: The Grub Street Years’, by Christopher Hitchens

On the essays shelf: Arguably: Essays by Christopher Hitchens In a June, 2007 piece in The Guardian, Christopher Hitchens reviewed Dispatches for the New York Tribune: Selected Journalism of Karl Marx, edited by James Ledbetter, with a foreword by Francis … Continue reading

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