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On This Day: October 30, 1938 – “Radio Play Terrifies Nation”

Conversation between Peter Bogdanovich and Orson Welles in This Is Orson Welles: PB: I’ve often wondered if you had any idea, before you did it, that War of the Worlds was going to get that kind of response. OW. The … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Orson Welles

Much of the Welles story is difficult to put together because he himself was such a teller of tall tales. You know, he went to Morocco when he was 16 years old and the hung out with a sheik in … Continue reading

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Today In History: October 30, 1938

From Simon Callow’s Orson Welles: Volume 1: The Road to Xanadu: Focusing on the device of an interrupted programme, he dared to attempt a verisimilitude that had rarely been essayed before. The apparent breakdowns in transmission, the desperate irruptions of … Continue reading

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The Books: “Unfinished Business: Memoirs: 1902-1988″ (John Houseman)

Daily Book Excerpt: Entertainment Biography/Memoir: Unfinished Business: Memoirs: 1902-1988, by John Houseman One of the best memoirs ever written. John Houseman’s career beggars belief … you look at it as a whole and think: “Excuse me?” And not only that, … Continue reading

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Orson in action

(I love the memory from when I was in high school – and Brett and I listened to War of the Worlds at a party at his house and pretending to be a couple in the 1920s who didn’t know … Continue reading

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Cashel’s commentary on War of the Worlds.

Please be advised: Cashel has seen the original movie. He has heard snippets of the radio play. And he has also read the book. So he did a bit of compare and contrast with the modern version, and here is … Continue reading

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