October 21, 2004

Alex's Great Movies - Part 1

A bit of a break in Red Sox mania to post a link to Alex's Great Movies series (I posted Part II yesterday) - anyway, here is Part I. I love lists like this.

I mean - a "greatest movie" list that includes Halloween, True Grit, and Gone with the Wind?? Beauteous.

But then again, everything is beauteous today.

Posted by sheila

I've noticed that What's Up Doc? keeps popping up on this blog, and I'm glad it does. Not having seen this film in along time, I'm reminded of how good it is. It's the only film made over the past thirty years, that I can think of, which has effectively used pure, classic slapstick in a modern setting.
Every element of slapstick is here: quick, witty dialogue; sight gags; goofy chases; and, of course, pies in the face.
I realy need to rent it.

Posted by: tom rom at October 25, 2004 12:23 AM

Oh, Tom, yes yes yes. What's Up Doc is one of my all-time favorite movies - and I have been delighted to find so many other kindred spirits here on this blog. Kaptin Marko comes to mind. He is as autistic about that movie as I am ... we can recite THE ENTIRE THING.

As kids - my parents let my brother and I stay up past our bedtime to see What's Up Doc. And a family tradition was born.

Brilliant movie.

There's a great story about how - before they started filming - Bogdonavich had Streisand and O'Neil over to his house for a private screening of Bringing Up Baby (the inspiration for the movie) ... and Streisand and O'Neil watched, thinking: "Jesus. We can't ever be that funny."

Someday I WILL do a post where I compare the two films side by side ... all the references, gags, etc., that Bogdonavich put in.

A beautiful tribute.

Posted by: red at October 25, 2004 10:15 AM