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March 2024 Viewing Diary

Conspiracy (2001; d. Frank Pierson) I went down a little Wannsee Conference rabbit hole so figured I’d re-watch this chilling nasty little movie. Lured (1947; d. Douglas Sirk) I had never seen this. I love discovering new Douglas Sirks! This … Continue reading

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“As a cinematographer, I was always attracted to stories that have the potential to be told with as few words as possible.” — Reed Morano

“I feel like directing is more about who the individual is rather than if they’re a man or a woman. It’s kind of hard to generalize and group all of us female filmmakers into one group, like we’re all going … Continue reading

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Three unknowable men from the same angle

Devlin (Cary Grant), Notorious, 1946 Don Draper (Jon Hamm), Mad Men pilot, 2007 Tom Ripley (Andrew Scott), Ripley, 2024

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Happy Birthday, Dean Stockwell

I’ve been paying tribute to him on his birthday for 15 years or something insane like that. I need to take a moment to reflect on my own “relationship” to him and his work. He was really important to me, … Continue reading

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“I just love telling stories. That’s what we do and it’s a good business to be in, especially if you know you have talent.” –Jensen Ackles

It’s his birthday today. I’ve written so much about him. My Supernatural re-caps are filled with tributes/explorations to his talent. He has no flaws as an actor. He can do anything. And he is lucky to have found a role … Continue reading

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December 2023/January-February 2024 Viewing Diary

The Golden Bachelor Watched – in great hilarity – with Karen and Allison during a raucous sleepover, and Carol pulled up on FaceTime. So we could watch together. The whole thing is so ridiculous. Maestro (2023; d. Bradley Cooper) I … Continue reading

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“I find it very difficult myself to make movies where I know right from the beginning what the end is going to be.” — Bob Rafelson

It’s his birthday today. In 1965, television producers Bob Rafelson and Bert Schneider placed an ad in the Hollywood Reporter: MADNESS!! AUDITIONS Folk & Roll Musicians-Singers for acting roles in new TV series. Running parts for 4 insane boys, age … Continue reading

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“I’m not shy about trying to find what truth there is in any genre, whether that be an action piece, a sci-fi piece, a small indie film, or a play. I’m open to it all.” — Mahershala Ali

It’s his birthday today. I so respect his work in Hidden Figures, where he plays “support staff” to Taraji Henson. Some thoughts on actors’ understanding of storytelling functions and how they fit into stories: Actors are storytellers, and they understand … Continue reading

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Substack: Nuclear winter television events in 1983-84

On my Substack I wrote about three television events which aired in the jittery world of 1983-84, all of which depict the aftermath of a nuclear bomb: the BBC’s Threads, aired only twice, scarring a generation, the American version, The … Continue reading

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“The notion of ‘building a career’ had never been heard or dreamed of when I was young.” — Vanessa Redgrave

My friend Dan Callahan wrote the first major biography of Vanessa Redgrave, and he is voluminous on the topic: her career, her gift as an actress. Dan is one of the best writers today on the art of acting (and … Continue reading

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