Every week is Elvis Week around here. Nevertheless:

Here is one of the greatest photos ever taken.

Bill Murray crashing Elvis’ funeral, August 16, 1977

There’s no video, but here’s the audio of Murray telling David Letterman the story:

And I’ll leave you with this, Fox Mulder, massive-Elvis fan.

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3 Responses to Every week is Elvis Week around here. Nevertheless:

  1. TraceyK says:

    Watched his Aloha From Hawaii performance of “American Trilogy” today.
    I’ve been an Elvis fan all my life. I was born in Memphis, visited Graceland, read all the books, listened to all the songs. And yet…no matter how often I watch a clip of him performing live…I’m still staggered at the pure charisma and talent. Every. Single. Time.
    I remember hearing Bono say something along the lines of, “Even the way he held the microphone was genius.”

    And then I consider the enormity of what we lost.

  2. Bill Wolfe says:

    I don’t know if you’re a Mott the Hoople fan (I am), but Ian Hunter’s book, Reflections of a Rock Star, which is about their American tour in support of the All the Young Dudes album, has a great set piece about the night he and the other guys in the band jumped the fence at Graceland. Post-John Lennon, that might sound creepy, but in fact it’s a heart-on-his-sleeve expression of pure love for Elvis. Anyone who’s a fan is right there with Ian as he finds himself entering Eden and El Dorado and the stable at Bethlehem, all rolled into one.

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