“I am the FBI.” Twin Peaks, episode 16

Well, THAT was satisfying.

Diane? You doing all right? Where’d your head go? Check in when you have a second.

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8 Responses to “I am the FBI.” Twin Peaks, episode 16

  1. Brooke A L says:

    Just finished watching it and all I am feeling is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • sheila says:

      I know!!!!!!

      When I heard Audrey’s jazzy dance theme start up – and if I’m not mistaken, it hasn’t been used all that much (if at all?) in this current season – I almost swooned!

      Plus the Twin Peaks theme – coming in when Dale Cooper said goodbye in the casino … SO GOOD.

  2. Natalie says:

    //Well, THAT was satisfying.//

    One hundred percent!

    And the Eddie Vedder song. “Who I could have been, I will never have the chance.” Right. In. The. Feels.

    Is the Roadhouse even real? Where is the real Diane? Can Cooper help Audrey? Why did I feel any empathy/concern/pity for Richard at all? Will Jerry ever come down from his nasty trip?

    I can’t wait to see what happens, and I never want it to be over at the same time!

    • sheila says:

      // Why did I feel any empathy/concern/pity for Richard at all? //

      hahahahahaha I know!!

      Eddie Vedder! My God!

      I’ve been wondering about the roadhouse too. Even in the original series – it was a crossroads almost, bridging the two worlds – the real world and the dream world.

      I loved the image of our pink Playboy bunnies strolling into Dougie/Janey-Es house with plates of food. I love that entire ENTOURAGE, basically – and how they’re like, “Okay! Spokane, Washington. No idea WHY but ANYTHING FOR DOUGIE.”

      I don’t feel very vindicated in my belief that Audrey was trapped somewhere … now I am really afraid for her. Will Dale Cooper – again – be the one to save her?

      I can barely wait for next week. But – like you – I don’t want this to be over!!

      • Natalie says:

        I just re-watched Audrey’s first dance at the Double R, and her first conversation with Cooper where she tells him about how Johnny has “emotional problems” and it runs in the family, and it all seems so ridiculously clear in retrospect that she just never had a chance at being emotionally healthy.

        I love the Mitchum brothers so much. The look on Jim Belushi’s face after Candie agrees with Cooper that “they really do” have hearts of gold. I kind of want the Mitchums and their girls to get their own spin-off.

      • Natalie says:

        I almost don’t want to speculate about what will happen in the finale (I mean – that won’t stop me – I’m only human), but for what it’s worth, Sherilynn Fenn posted a picture of Audrey with the owl cave symbol on her sweater with the caption “But, who is the dreamer?” on instagram.

  3. Paula says:

    Just got caught up last night and wow. Yes to all of this. Eddie Vedder!!! This was the episode where I kept making incoherent noises the whole time.

    //Is the Roadhouse even real?// When Audrey’s music started playing, that was my thought too. Has every scene there been a dream? All of her scenes before this were just odd and she seemed so angry that I said out loud a week ago, she’s in a coma, it’s not real.

    That scene with Diane when she got the text was so stressful, and her anguish was so clear, as her hand kept fluttering near the gun and her purse. And then BOOM, she’s like a popped balloon. Such a crazy transition. So where is the real Diane?!

    And Richard. I agree, whoever thought I’d feel bad for that piece of trash. More importantly, HOW IS JERRY STILL ALIVE? Not only wandering the forest for days, but he must have walked or was teleported from WA to SD, right? Hmmmm, did he just hoof his whacked-out self across the entire state of Montana? How? Why? I’m so confused in the most amusing way.

    • Natalie says:

      I’m puzzling over the finale now. Speculating that possibly none of it really existed. Or at least that large chunks of it were dreams. Looking forward to discussion.

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