Film Comment Countdown and Live Talk

Last night, I participated in a Film Comment live talk at Lincoln Center, hosted/moderated by Film Comment editor-in-chief Nic Rapold, which involved “unveiling” Film Comment‘s Top 10 of 2018. The other critics there were Michael Koresky, Nick Pinkerton and Molly Haskell (legend!). None of us knew the Top 10, until each one was announced, and then we all had a brief discussion. There were 2 I hadn’t seen, Yikes, but I was relieved when Haskell hadn’t seen one, and Pinkterton too. All in all, it was a fun night, and so cool because the house was packed. Like, people showed up, on a cold Tuesday night, for this free event. I love New York. The Top 10 is super-different, with some of the “usual suspects” but a couple surprises, in particular the #1, which made me very happy. (The ones I hadn’t seen are the Denis and Western. I had a feeling the Denis was going to be on there, but I just could not get to it in time. And Western has shown up on many of the Top 10 lists of people I really trust and respect, so I will make sure to catch up with it.)

Here’s the final list!

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