Fosse/Verdon: first teaser trailer

Starring Sam Rockwell as Bob Fosse and Michelle Williams as Gwen Verdon. I’ve been excited about this since I first heard it was happening last year, and here’s the first glimpse.

I’m so psyched about this that I’m almost scared. Intensity of anticipation means a high risk of disappointment. But I LOVE that state. That’s what art and entertainment are all about. RISKS. EMOTIONS.

Watching that trailer, you see glimpses of everything – moments from All That Jazz, Cabaret … the dance Fosse and Verdon did in Damn Yankees … and it’s looking … pretty damn good, I have to say.

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5 Responses to Fosse/Verdon: first teaser trailer

  1. I’m with you in the anticipation department. I feel about Michelle Williams roughly the way you feel about Dean Stockwell–some sort of weird uber-connection. I don’t have television and don’t usually do streaming but I’m going to figure out SOME way to see this!

    • sheila says:

      I’m very excited about Michelle Williams in this too – she was amazing in Greatest Showman in a somewhat “nothing”-ish role – there’s a moment where she launches herself into the air, with complete trust that Hugh Jackman will catch her – which of course he does. As far as I can tell it is not a body double.

      She can dance. Not like Gwen Verdon – because come on, that bar is too high – but ENOUGH to give us the FEEL of Gwen Verdon?? This is my hope.

      I love this casting. and of course Sam Rockwell has been a fave for almost 30 years now. Jeez. I was not a fan of 3 Billboards, although I was excited for him winning – but THIS is what I’m really excited about.

  2. Melissa Sutherland says:

    OMG. Had no idea.

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