Photo of the Day: The sinister house and door

Two weeks after Jeffrey Epstein “committed suicide” (uh-huh), I was on the Upper East Side with my nephew Cashel and three of his friends. We were going to see the Play It Loud exhibit at the Met. It was a beautiful day, and we saw the amazing display of guitars, thrilling. We came outside and I said, “Uhm … I’m gonna walk and see Jeffrey Epstein’s house.” They were all so cute, like “WHAAAAT” “CAN WE COME…” I was Cashel’s crazy aunt and I was fine with it. The sinister house was 10 blocks away so we walked over. I had read so much about this terrible house but I had to see it in person to really get how insane and obvious the situation was. The townhouse is so enormous it legit looks like a freakin’ EMBASSY. So unbelievably attention-getting, in other words. Hiding in plain sight. I didn’t really get that until I saw it in person. Surrounded by nice townhouses, multi-family homes, nice homes there’s this monstrosity … with girls coming and going and celebs coming and going? You KNOW people on that street knew that something super shady was going on. Now, the FBI raid hadn’t happened yet – I think it might have happened later that week? Not sure. All I know is is that the door/locks were intact (and they weren’t after the raid. Those guys busted that door down.) The house loomed there. The boys were all a little nervous, like we shouldn’t be there. I felt like a bad influence, reassuring them that it was a public street and we had every right to be there. That main door looks like a DUNGEON. OutRAGEOUS. Then Spencer got close, and gasped, “Look.” He pointed at the side of the door. There, engraved in the stone, were the initials. The ego was insane. Again, hiding in plain sight. The initials have since been removed. I just had to see it. I’m the person who drove out to the old Spahn Ranch location because I just had to see it. I’m the person who wandered around the streets of Santa Monica to find the house where Whitey Bulger was busted (just blocks away from my brothers’ apartment. I was THERE when Bulger was busted). So. I had to see the townhouse.

That “house” had bad BAD vibes.

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  1. Bill Wolfe says:

    The closest to infamy I’ve ever come was back in early 1993. I was trying to decide if I wanted to make a down payment on a condo or, instead of paying a monthly mortgage, use that money to pay rent on a space where I could have a rehearsal and recording studio for my band. I looked at a condo in a building a few blocks from my apartment, but decided that I cared more about making music than owning a home. On June 12, 1994, O.J. Simpson murdered Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman outside Nicole’s condo building…which turned out to be the building where I had looked at a condo. The many “What if’s” that turn around that decision still give me the willies.

  2. Jessie says:

    I saw my initials in the second photo before reading the context and then had a huuuge full-body revulsed shudder. thanks but no thanks! haha

    now I am very curious to see the townhouse in its street context, though.

    • sheila says:

      Very soon after I took this photo, the “JE” was removed.

      The other people who live on that street
      1. must be so creeped out
      2. must have seen some crazy shit.

      Having seen the street now – there’s no way that it wouldn’t have been obvious that SOMETHING was going on in that freakin CASTLE, with teenage girls coming and going, on the arms of middle-aged/elderly men. I mean, hiding in plain sight. so disgusting.

      The other buildings on the street are normal townhouses – it’s a wealthy area – but the townhouses are your basic Upper West Side townhouses. Smack-dab in the middle of the block is a building that looks like an embassy or a consulate – and the weird thing is – the door is street level. That dungeon door opens right onto the sidewalk. It’s just different than anything else around it.

      He was clearly just laughing at everyone. There he was, doing his thing in broad daylight, for years – AFTER being convicted in Florida – and nobody cared.

      The weird dovetail to this is that his “madame” was busted in a small town in New Hampshire that was just 10 miles away from the town where my family goes every summer. She was busted the week before we were there! So of course I drove over to check it out. Once again, she was hiding in plain sight – living on this MASSIVE wooded estate in a tiny town – with literally a post office and a general store – and a bunch of farms – like, nothing there – and then in the middle is this massive “estate” – which you can’t get to, because it’s all private roads. There HAD to be people coming and going all the time while she was holed up there. I felt conspicuous driving around – it’s just not the type of place where strangers want to go. There’s nothing there. I tried to go see the house itself – because i’m crazy – but I got spooked because they were all private roads – dirt roads – leading into the forest.

      CREEPS. Both of them.

      • Jessie says:

        Chills!! It is crazy how confidently the wealthy and protected move through the world; how radically different their experience of place and cause-effect is. I am laughing picturing you driving up to check out the Maxwell Compound first thing! Of course you did!

        • sheila says:

          I know, it was so crazy. lol. I’m on vacation with my family – it happens once a year – time is precious and I’m like “I really must go find her secret location” and they were like “No problem, we figured.”

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