“I’ve been to every big city and many little towns in the USA. I really try to soak it in. I love all these little towns – the people and the places. I feel so lucky to see all these places and I truly have a hunger to see and experience them.” — G. Love

G. Love

It’s G. Love’s birthday today.

Naturally, it was through my brother that I discovered G. Love and the Special Sauce. Bren has a way of discovering people not on my radar at all and then passing on the word. G. Love actually came out with an album last year! His fan base is hard-core and devoted.

“I was a complete product of the time I came of age and the city, Philadelphia, where I was born and raised. I think of it similar to the writings on Malcom Gladwell in his book “Outliers”. Twenty or forty blocks or so from where I grew up and graduated high school in 1991 there were Tariq and Ahmir – The Roots. Same class. Same city. Same era. We all grew up listening to Street Beat on Power 99 FM, the golden age of emerging Hip-Hop. These tracks were being made in our city. They found a niche playing with live instruments the Hip-Hop sound they loved when no one else was doing that. I was like a garage band rock and roller who grew up in Hip-Hop – graffiti, breakdancing, freestyling and hoops all finding its influence in my music. Pure Philly.” – G. Love

Because I am now into resurrecting pieces from my vast archive – because otherwise how else could people find them? There’s so much cool stuff in there – here’s the piece my brother wrote on how he discovered G. Love and the Special Sauce, how he was initially turned off (before even hearing them!) and how he was then blown away when he saw them, at random. My brother is evangelical on the music he loves. It’s a gift, especially since he writes so well.

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