My Kind of Invite

My sister is hosting a “game party” on Saturday night … for obvious reasons. The invite reads, in part:

Saturday night, to get that World Series off to a good start, I am having a game party. Or rather, I am having people over to watch the game. We will not party. We will concentrate intently on the game. We will send good vibes. We will make fun of Joe Buck. Maybe later we will have a party.

I have read your invite about 3 times, and continue to find it funny.

“We will not party. We will concentrate intently on the game.”

I am so there. And I will completely follow your instructions. I will not party. I will concentrate intently on the game and send good vibes.

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14 Responses to My Kind of Invite

  1. Dave J says:

    Now that I’ve actually met Siobhan, I can so hear this invitation in her voice, and of course it all makes perfect sense.

  2. Rob says:

    Think “Bob Costas” before you make fun of Joe Buck. It could be so much worse.

  3. Bill McCabe says:

    Don’t leave out Tim McCarver.

    I’m supposed to be attending a non-Series related party in Harrisburg on Saturday night. But I plan to play every card I need to in order to get out of it, including faking an illness.

  4. laury says:

    i too will be at a game party on saturday night…in stl. i will not be making fun of joe buck, rather falling more deeply in love with him. i will be rooting my cards onto their first victory over the sox. and in the excitement of our victory, i promise to pause and think of you, sitting there wondering how in the hell the red sox ever made it this far anyway…
    i mean this all in good fun, of course. may the best team (cardinals!!) win!

  5. red says:



    Don’t we all just luuurv baseball!!

  6. red says:

    bill –

    I heard that there is a nasty 24 hour flu-virus-thingy going around in your neck of the woods. As a matter of fact, the virus’ epicenter is right where you work. So I’m sure you’ve caught something. Don’t you feel the tickle in your throat right now?

  7. dad says:

    Dearest: What will we do for tv access while in Maine? Do they have sports bars in the hinterlands? love, dad

  8. Bill McCabe says:


    I’ve heard that too, and I think my lack of sleep over the last week would render me more vulnerable to viruses.

  9. red says:

    We need to bring transistor radios, maybe. Or … drive to Portland randomly??

  10. red says:


    I’m sure you’ve caught something. Your immune system is shot. Start coughing now, and your excuse will have more credibility when you call in that chip tomorrow.

  11. Bill McCabe says:

    I do actually have a slight cough, I’ll just magnify it. She was sick too this week, so that’s another point for me.

  12. Dave J says:

    Laury, what do you mean by

    “i will be rooting my cards onto their first victory over the sox”?

    The Cards beat the Sox in 1946 and again in 1967. But not this time! :-p

  13. Dan says:

    How can one forgot Tim McCarver? One glorious day he’ll see me climbing through his window with a pillow and a .45.

  14. Dave J says:

    You’re far too kind, Dan. ;-)

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