Best World Series

Which was the best World Series ever?

I am having grammar trouble. Schmidt chooses 6 of the series as “the best”. I can’t write anymore. I hate grammar. Or, let’s say: I love grammar. I just hate it when I forget all the rules.

How does one express this?

There are multiple World Series. (Seems like there should be a plural there … but “series” is already plural … but each series of however many games is its own singular thing.) Todd Schmidt has chosen 6 of the Series … (Please. Someone re-word that sentence. Now I want to throw my keyboard out the window.)

Anyway. Who cares. It’s really the World Series that matters.

Todd Schmidt lists (and discusses) the following Series:

— 2001: Diamondbacks def. Yankees, 4-3
— 1991: Twins def. Braves, 4-3
— 1986: Mets def. Red Sox, 4-3
— 1975: Reds def. Red Sox, 4-3
— 1960: Pirates def. Yankees, 4-3
— 1955: Dodgers def. Yankees, 4-3

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17 Responses to Best World Series

  1. Linus says:

    Out of all of the World Series matches played since [ … insert criterion here …], Todd has chosen 6 as his favorites.

    Or something along those lines. Should work. “Series” is a problem, isn’t it?

    Hang on to your keyboard, now.

  2. red says:

    Linus –

    You have provided a lovely ray of light through the darkness of my grammar misery.

    For a moment there, I felt like a cavewoman. I don’t even know the grammar rules for that dern “series” problem.

    “World Series. Yum yum. Pick favorite game. Yum. Me love all of them. Yum.”

  3. red says:

    Actually, that sounds a bit more like Cookie Monster.

  4. Bill McCabe says:

    Will you and Dave hurt me if I say ’86?

  5. Dave J says:

    One series, two series: the plural form is the same as the singular. See

    I’d pick 1955: the Dodgers finally beating the hated Yankees, before being packed off to LA less than two years later (to my Brooklyn-born dad’s eternal sorrow). Oh, and to answer you, Bill, I can’t speak for Sheila, but my answer would definitely be yes.

  6. peteb says:

    It’s what inverted commas were invented for (with a slight extension to the sentence) –

    There are multiple ‘World Series’ from which to chose the best ever. The next one looks like a humdinger.

    And [sic] I note the majority of the selections were defeats for the Yankees.. that’s a trend if ever I saw one!

  7. peteb says:

    Just to complete the intro –

    Todd Schmidt has selected 6 of his favourites.

    (my apologies for the Eurocentric ‘u’.)

    It really has been a traumatic series, Sheila.

  8. Rob says:

    1971: Pirates defeat Orioles, 4-3
    1967: Cards defeat Red SOx, 4-3
    1968: Tigers defeat Cards, 4-3
    1969: Mets defeat Orioles, 4-1

  9. peteb says:

    On the other hand it may just be simpler to convert the tense…

    from “are” to “have been”

    I’d probably still want to restructure the sentence slightly.. but…

    Ah well.. bring on the Cards!

  10. Ken Hall says:

    I’m not sure which of the original six I’d swap out, but I’d have the ’85 series in there (Royals defeat Cards, 4-3), along with the ’69 series as mentioned by Rob. The Pirates’ “We Are Fam-I-Lee” series comes close too–just wish I could remember whether it was ’78 or ’79 without Googling.

  11. Dan says:

    “Will you and Dave hurt me if I say ’86?”

    The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

    And 1967 belongs on that list. Not that I’m biased.

    And oddly enough, speaking of 1967, the Cards are staying in Quincy again.

    Maybe I’ll go play loud music in their parking lot and keep ’em up. Make ’em hit the field tired because some cazy man yelled ‘you’re going down! Hear me?’ all night.

  12. Linus says:

    Red, it’s something I learned at college. When you’re not sure how the answer fits together, rephrase the question. If you do it gently enough, mostly they never even notice.

    Sort of the academic translation of the Kobayashi Maru scenario.

    Tain’t the grammar you know, it’s what you do with it. As they say, where Warriners fears to tread.

    Cavewoman good. Rules bad. Yarrr.

  13. 1906. White Sox over the Cubs. The Cubs came into the series with 116 wins (23 more than the Sox) and a team ERA of 1.76. Sox won the series 4-2.

  14. peteb says:


    Go Sox!!

  15. I lack the courage to liveblog the game

    Maybe tomorrow night—my nerves are too shot after this week to liveblog the Series. However, here’s some shamless pandering to the Omniscient One in hope of further linky-link: I institute our new feature—–YAZblogging! Fenway looks great—I just…

  16. Tony Iovino says:

    Met fan here– 1986 had it all–including 2 great playoff series before the World Series.

    On a baseball note:

    I see Fidel Castro fell down and broke his arm & knee.
    He’s old. He’s Cuban. He’s physically suspect.
    Call George Steinbrenner.
    We’ve just found him another starting pitcher!

  17. Popskull says:

    I know Todd Schmidt. We were in a production of South Pacific together. And that bastard’s a Met fan. No wonder so many of his favorite series’ have the Yanks losing. ;)

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