“I don’t know how to help you, Dave.” — Jackass Forever

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  1. Marco Budny says:

    Hi, tried to find a place to post a comment or question on the rogerebert site, but found this very busy site I have not yet fully digested. Regarding AFTERSUN. While watching the movie I was alarmed that Colum walked into the ocean, fearing his despondency overtook him, and was relived when he was found sleeping in his room. Yet I am wondering if Sophie is watching the camcorder video because she has now come into possession for the reason I suspected earlier. I walked out of the movie terribly depressed two weeks before Christmas, but am recovering.

    • sheila says:

      Yes, my site is very busy, lol. Thanks for stopping by! and leaving a comment on my post about Jackass Forever, lol.

      The scene when he walked into the ocean was so upsetting – I truly thought he had decided to just start swimming until he wore himself out. I do not know exactly what happened with Charlotte Wells’ father – but I do believe he died young. Maybe she was in college? She shared a picture of her and her father on Instagram – which she said was the inspiration for the whole movie. It was the two of them out at the restaurant while on that vacation in Turkey you see in the movie. They’re both KIDS. So I don’t know what happened with her dad in real life – or the dad in the movie – but it’s pretty clear, from the rave sequences, that he has passed on – although he did make it through the vacation intact! I’ll see if I can find that post from Charlotte Wells – you might like to see it. She said she looked at the photo of her dad and was just blown away by how young he was. It’s sad. Such a tender movie.

      Lots of mother-daughter movies, lots of father-son movies – but not a lot of father-daughter movies. This is one of the best.

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