Screen Slate’s Best Movies of 2022 poll

Screen Slate puts together a poll at the end of the year, which they send out to a truly impressive number of people, not just critics, but artists too. When you have 100+ people participating – from around the world – not just America-centric people – you get a fascinating variety of responses. This is one of the most interesting Top 20s I’ve come across. The fact that Cronenberg’s Crimes of the Future is #1 on our collective international list speaks volumes. I also love that Jackass Forever made the cut, nestled there on a list including Petite Maman and two Hong Sang-soo films. This is art and entertainment as it should be! Here’s the 2022 Best Movies results. As fun as that is, Screen Slate also conducts a separate poll for First Viewings & Discoveries of 2022, and that’s where things get really interesting. I have been having so much fun scrolling through the responses, and seeing what people discovered – people like Michael Mann, Paul Schrader, Bela Tarr …. (Bela Tarr’s response is funny). Nice to be on a list with those fine gentlemen (and many others).

I’ve heard a lot of people say this was a “soft” year for good movies. The only response I can come up with is the obnoxious: Watch more movies.

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