R.I.P. Walter Mirisch

One of THE architects of New Hollywood, as they say. Walter and his two brothers Marvin and Harold formed the Mirisch Company, and were a new “thing” at the time: producers without a studio (unheard of). Without the gigantic real estate holdings and properties and STAFF of a studio, the Mirisch Company could move swiftly, could make things happen. In the 50s and 60s, this was a revelation. You can … DO that? It changed everything. They were there as the studio system collapsed, snatching up talent, poaching really (they were banned from visiting the major studios, and you can see the studios’ point. The freedom they offered to the artists they believed in was too tempting!) I did a deep dive into the Mirisch Company when I was researching my Criterion essay on The Great Escape. I mentioned them in the piece, as connected to The Great Escape, but there was so much more. Here are some of their titles.

In the Heat of the Night.
The Apartment.
Some Like It Hot.
West Side Story.
The Magnificent Seven.
The Great Escape.
The Pink Panther.
Thomas Crowne Affair.

Hollywood Reporter has a full obituary with Walter Mirisch’s many accomplishments.

Elmore Leonard knew the score. He always did. He dedicated Get Shorty to Walter Mirisch.

Walter Mirisch was 101.

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