Review: The Lost King (2023)

Ah, the Ricardians. I check in with them on occasion to see what they’re up to, because I love people who care SO MUCH about something, and who back it up with research – and – naturally – in 2012, I got really sucked into the Ricardian web again. The Lost King is about the events leading up to 2012, when Richard III’s bones – long-thought completely lost – were dug up underneath a car park in Leicester, the dig headed by a woman with no credentials or connections, a woman named Philippa Langley. (Her book about all of this is great.) I reviewed The Lost King for Ebert. The film has flaws, but it’s such a great story.

Here’s the painting I mention in the review. It makes me shiver with terror. What happened to them?

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3 Responses to Review: The Lost King (2023)

  1. mutecypher says:

    I love that the British have this wealth of amateur historians. The recent example where the London furniture conservator figured out the meaning of certain cave markings comes to mind. Really cool!

    And the events from The Dig, as you mentioned in your review.

    Sounds like a fun film.

  2. sheila says:

    There’s now a push to solve the mystery of the two missing princes. It feels like the needle might be about to move on this one as well.

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