I’ve gone National

Since I don’t really go on Twitter anymore (oh, excuse me, I mean “X” – the secondhand embarrassment for the whole “X” thing is so strong I don’t feel I can participate. It’s so STUPID) … but anyway. Because I’m not on there, I missed my own news. I found out about it when someone reached out and congratulated me. So this happened.

Proud to be in such illustrious company – also, many of these people are dear friends of mine. Charlie, Farran, Stephanie … Plus, colleagues I really like, like Nic and Michael K, and Michael Phillips whom I see every year at Ebertfest – plus legends like Molly and Dave K. So I’m pleased!

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18 Responses to I’ve gone National

  1. mutecypher says:


  2. HelenaG says:

    That’s amazing Sheila! So richly deserved. You are one of the best.

  3. Amazing! Congratulations! You’ve certainly earned it.

  4. Congratulations, Sheila! Well deserved and long overdue!

  5. Helena says:

    Congratulations, Sheila!!!

  6. Bill Wolfe says:

    Congratulations! You absolutely belong in that company.

  7. Jimmy Ray Flynn says:

    Beyond COOL

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