Review: Wingwomen (2023)

This heist-romp was so much fun. I have a soft spot for heist movies. Mélanie Laurent, a wonderful actress, is also an excellent film-maker (I’ve reviewed a couple of her films: Breathe and last year’s The Mad Women’s Ball – I’m really into what she’s all about as a film-maker). Wingwomen is a buddy-comedy-action-adventure, starring Laurent and Adèle Exarchopoulos, with a fabulous cameo by the great Isabelle Adjani, and it’s on Netflix and it’s a lot of fun. Here’s my review.

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7 Responses to Review: Wingwomen (2023)

  1. mutecypher says:


    I’m there. I loved The Mad Women’s Ball.

    • sheila says:

      she is just kicking so much ass and it’s great! this is almost like a James Bond – gorgeous scenery, weaponry, a little sex, banter …

      and yes, Mad Women’s Ball was so good! and so different from this one!

    • sheila says:

      Plus it’s Netflix! so they’re putting their money/weight behind her – and this is a good thing! there are always pros/cons with a corporation like this one – but it’s cool that they’ve invested – and so hugely – in her. The movie is BIG.

  2. mutecypher says:

    That was very sweet and funny. “Wait, I think we parked back there.”

    Alex’s fight with the bounty hunter made me think of Patricia Arquette and James Gandolfini in True Romance. She was a very clever adversary. And the close up of Mélanie’s eyes when they were dealing with the Albanians made me think of Inglorious Bastards.

    I was thinking about ML and Kristen Stewart, of how fascinating they are to watch. For me, there’s a similar draw in their openness. I think there’s more fierceness and bluster in Mèlanie’s face, and perhaps more mystery in Kristen’s. I’m searching for an explanation as to why I flashed on KS while watching.

    There were some gorgeous shots in the movie. I really like the wing suit sequence with one person facing up and the other facing down. A fun movie.

    • sheila says:

      The wing suits were great! I liked the mix of casual everyday scenes with high-action sequences – a lot of films try to do this, but it often feels like a gimmick. It’s a gimmick here too – but Laurent’s approach is very human-sized – she’s interested in relationships.

      And it’s just so much fun to see Adjani with a meaty campy little role. She’s such a treasure and I wish we saw her more. she was just so HUGE to me as an aspiring actor in the 80s.

  3. I felt betrayed by the ending. Not to be pedantic about it, but a caper movie owes us an explanation at the end. Otherwise this was pretty great, and I especially liked the fight with the bounty hunter

    • sheila says:

      I feel like the end might have been left open for a potential sequel. I wasn’t crazy about it though!

      The bounty hunter fight was so awesome.

      I also loved the random dance scene in the middle of that deserted square, with the sniper perched in the tower.

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