Review: You’ll Never Find Me (2024)

I reviewed You’ll Never Find Me, a creepy film filled with dread for Ebert. It’s really more “suspense” than “horror”. A debut feature. Low budget. It shows you just how much you can do with a low budget if you go into it with a plan and a vision. Wow.

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  1. mutecypher says:

    I really enjoyed this. Very well written, with thought-provoking dialog. I liked not knowing whose flashbacks we were seeing. I loved the colors. Very well done, I’ll try to remember the folks who made it.

    It was like the fables where if you eat or drink something there will be unforeseen consequences. For everyone.

    I hadn’t subscribed to Shudder before. There are an insane number of horror films that I have never heard of. A rabbit hole murmuring wickedly. I’ll probably just do the free week. Check out some Dario Argento. Maybe a rewatch of The Babadook.

    • Sheila says:

      Shudder is amazing – a lot of the stuff there can’t be found anywhere else so if you like horror I think it’s worth it.

      So glad you saw it!

      I would have dumped that tomato soup in his boots too!

      I actually think I guessed what was going on before the reveal – this is quite an acting exercise, I think. You have to just play the secrets. Because this isn’t a normal situation – and she’s not what she seems – he is more what he seems than she is – but there are still secrets there. You can’t really play it in a normal way but it still has to be real.

      At first I thought it was like Barbarian – those opening scenes where she is nervous and he seems sketch – but pretty early on I realized it wasn’t like that, not really. Because the Visitor seemed sketch too.

      Maybe it’s all my years of watching Supernatural! Someone can seem to be something and then they are totally not that!!

      • mutecypher says:

        I think I was a much more passive viewer than you were, I was surprised at the reveal. And glad. “No, this can’t be how it ends.”

        Ditto on the soup that looked like ketchup. 🤪

        It’s an audience-challenging choice to portray some evils as horrible compulsions. One can be tempted to feel a tinge of pity for the person caught up in the repetition, just like a gambling or drug addict. But throw in the narcissism of “why do I keep getting the opportunity to do evil, it must be because the universe wants this of me” and the temptation for pity goes away. Or maybe draws some audience members even further into sympathy with the bad guy. It’s an old form of “choose your adventure.”

        Ever seen the Russian horror film Viy? I saw it a while back and loved how imaginative it was. On YouTube, not Shudder.

        Also, I watched Stalker recently. Had never seen it before. Deserves its reputation. Suspense, rather than horror.

        • sheila says:

          I haven’t seen Viy! I’ll have to check it out! Thanks!

          and yeah, Stalker is just a masterpiece. I’ve only seen it a couple of times and yet the images are stuck in my head for a lifetime. I never have to see it again to remember it.

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