Dynamic Duo #39

Mandy Rice-Davies and Christine Keeler, 1963

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  1. Mike Molloy says:

    Gotta say, that Profumo guy made the right decision

    • sheila says:

      well, if you mean Christine is gorgeous then I agree!

      The Profumo affair is endlessly fascinating to me – I had never heard of it before until I saw the movie Scandal way back in the day. It piqued my interest – even as a kid I loved stuff like this: intrigue, governments falling, toppling because of … idiocy, really. Honestly, it’s one of my favorite Bridget Fonda performances – she really captures Mandy (at least from what I understand, based on who Mandy appeared to be – and look at her in the photo – as opposed to Keeler. Mandy LOVED it.) There was a BBC mini-series a couple years back which I haven’t seen and keep meaning to check out. I haven’t re-watched Scandal so it’s been, Jeez, an amazingly long time since I’ve seen it. Have no idea if it holds up.

      Rebecca West included the Profumo affair in her book on British treason cases, and it’s a fascinating read!

  2. Mike Molloy says:

    Yeah I just meant she looks fantastic in that photo. Both of them really, but Christine especially.

    I’ve never actually watched any of the various film or TV versions of the story, though I felt like I’ve “always” known about it, I suppose b/c of seeing a teaser for a TV-movie version way back when…though from the “In popular culture” section of the Wiki page, it can’t have been as far back as I seem to remember. I suspect I have it mixed up in my head with Kim Philby & related spies scandal. Early ’60s, British gov’t officials misbehaving, tomayto-tomahto.

    I’m noting your recommendation of the Rebecca West book, though it’s going in line behind the Black Lamb/Grey Falcon one.

    • sheila says:

      is the TV movie version one you’re thinking of the BBC one from 2019?

      // Kim Philby & related spies scandal. Early ’60s, British gov’t officials misbehaving, tomayto-tomahto. //

      ha!! Yes, that’s really the whole point of West’s book – British espionage. Kim Philby and all the rest!

      The Meaning of Treason is of a MUCH more manageable length than Black Lamb Grey Falcon!!

  3. Mike Molloy says:

    I think it must be Scandal , which you mentioned above. Just from how far back I feel like I’ve had a vague sense of the events. Ah, and I see it has Joanna Whalley as Christine, which is certainly the right level of beauty.

    • sheila says:

      Yes, she is gorgeous! I vividly remember one sequence where she and Bridget Fonda are dolling themselves up to go out – just glorying in themselves – clothes, makeup, with some fabulous song playing on the soundtrack. I should see that again – might be fun to revisit!

  4. Mike Molloy says:

    I’d had the sense of having seen ads for such a movie around a decade earlier, late 70s or early 80s. Weird to seem to have such a specific feeling for a 10 year difference, for 34 years ago vs 44, though it’s a big difference to me, since I was barely a teenager in 1980. Anyway, hence my “can’t have been as far back as I seem to remember”, I don’t see any Profumiana from 1980 ish. I should finally watch the darn thing, Scandal I mean, the cast sure looks worth it. Maybe it’s streaming somewhere.

  5. sheila says:

    damn, I’m not seeing it on Amazon. looks like BFI is streaming it https://player.bfi.org.uk/rentals/film/watch-scandal-1989-online#:~:text=Watch%20Scandal%20online%20%2D%20BFI%20Player

    Streaming is so imperfect – if something isn’t streaming it’s like it never happened. I might have to buy the DVD because I would like to see it again.

    • Mike Molloy says:

      I didn’t see it on Apple tv either (I guess that’s just iTunes? can’t keep track). Streaming on BFI eh? …must…not…subscribe…more…streaming…channels… Gonna have to wait till it shows up somewhere I’m already paying for.

      Anyway TCM finally (FINALLY) re-aired Fort Apache, & baseball is underway, so my random-watching-time budget is about the shrink significantly. Good luck with yours!

  6. sheila says:

    Definitely gonna check out that recent series too. It’s such a wild story. Two young party girls, a Russian, and a government administration falls!

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