Three unknowable men from the same angle

Devlin (Cary Grant), Notorious, 1946

Don Draper (Jon Hamm), Mad Men pilot, 2007

Tom Ripley (Andrew Scott), Ripley, 2024

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3 Responses to Three unknowable men from the same angle

  1. Mike Molloy says:

    Have you been watching (or already watched) the netflix Ripley? I’ve been wondering whether that is worth my while. Looking forward to your comments, if you’re going to write about it.

    • sheila says:

      Yes! I think it’s sooo good. The different versions of this story all take unique “ways in” – which is really fun, in terms of compare/contrast. Alain Delon is still the best Ripley. He basically IS Ripley, lol. This one sticks very close to the original – gorgeous cinematography and location shoots. Amazing performances all around. very disturbing.

  2. Mike Molloy says:

    Ah, thanks, I’ll add it the pile. (Ever growing, dog help me.)

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