“You should approach Joyce’s Ulysses as the illiterate Baptist preacher approaches the Old Testament: with faith.” — William Faulkner

Happy Bloomsday to those who celebrate.

I’ve been celebrating Bloomsday for 20 years, in the real world, and here on my site. If you’ve been visiting here for any length of time, you know this. There are too many posts to count, and James Joyce has his own category. Not just a tag, but a CATEGORY. Writing about him – and his books – has been a great pleasure, especially since I am not a scholar, I’m just a reader – and writing about his books have been a really fun way to enter into them on my own terms.

But for today I’ll link to four things:

My annual Bloomsday post, where I talk about the book, the reaction to it, positive and negative, and Joyce’s place in the sphere of things.

The piece I wrote on my Substack in 2023: yes I said yes I will Yes: Families, actual and chosen, and Bloomsday

It’s about Dad, and reading the book for the first time. It’s about the Bloomsday celebration I’ve been going to since 2004 at Ulysses pub down in the financial district. It’s about finding your people. And how I found mine.

And finally: years ago, I wrote about Before Sunrise taking place on Bloomsday.

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