For St. Patrick’s Day: A Compilation of Irish Posts

Anne has a fascinating excerpt from Conor Cruise O’Brien’s memoir. It has to do with Maud Gonne. Fascinating.

And speaking of Maud Gonne … Emily has posted one of my favorite Yeats poems.

Limerick contest (and truly terrifying St. Patrick’s Day image) over at Michele’s.

Alex has photos!

On a more serious note – PLEASE go and read Broom of Anger. Powerful, man – I check in with her daily.

Dan has some photos. Of milky-skinned Irish bathing beauties … and also a poem by the man of a million aliases – Flann O’Brien.

Top 10 Irish journeys. No Aran Islands?? Nice to see Puckoon by Spike Milligan there. Irish-guy in the pub at Glendalough raved about this book, and recently sent it to me, because he could not stand that I had not read it yet. All of his emails included the sentence: “Have you read Puckoon yet?” Got this link from the indispensable Slugger O’Toole, who have been all over the McCartney sister thing, by the way.

This is another fun piece I found on Slugger: Wetting the shamrock. A very fun piece.

And of course … once again …

I must link to this.

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3 Responses to For St. Patrick’s Day: A Compilation of Irish Posts

  1. Emily says:

    The one photo over at Alex’s – the one with the guy riding on the rural road on his bike? I wonder if that road has one of those car plummeting off a cliff signs?

  2. peteb says:

    Thanks Sheila.. We’re trying to be as indispensible as possible.. :)

    I think you’ll like this short piece by Terry Eagleton, whose work is included in that list of journeys. I blogged it when it first appeared, but our search function is down at the minute.. So, I went to see this man about a donkey…

  3. red says:

    Emily – hahaha

    “Warning: You could drown if you drove directly into the bay!!”

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