The rise and fall of Witch # 3

At the point in my life that I was doing Macbeth (see story here), I was also reading Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. So during tech rehearsals and stuff where the actors would have to wait around, you would get the incongrous image of me in my raggedy Witch-garb, with twigs in my hair, reading that book.

Here is what is obviously a posed version of what was really going on all the time.

Ahem. This one makes me laugh. The whole THING makes me laugh.

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8 Responses to The rise and fall of Witch # 3

  1. homebru says:

    Much funnier had you been reading Terry Pratchett’s “Equal Rites” or “Wyrd Sisters” or “Witches Abroad”.

    And if you haven’t already, you might enjoy them.

  2. Stevie says:

    Girl, this is it. Engrossed in a book wearing horror make-up. You’re like springtime in this picture: ripe-to-bursting fresh optimism and curiosity slicing through the goth exterior. God, you’re lovely! (blush)

  3. Ken Hall says:

    Or Fritz Leiber’s Conjure Wife, maybe?

  4. red says:


    “Much funnier if?”

    i think the photo is perfectly comedic as is. Actually, funnier than your version, because it’s not so literal (your books have to do with witches, and mine has to do with Nazi Germany – FUNNIER, dude). What would be funny in seeing a girl dressed up as a witch reading witchy books?

    Besides. You have obviously missed the point here, and so I’m annoyed.

    I post a picture from my own feckin’ life, and your comment is:

    “It would be much funnier if …”

    If that is your response, then photo-shop a new book title into that picture and sleep well at night, whatever.

    Sorry to be a bitch but your comment is annoying.

  5. red says:


    The absurdity astonished even me. I would be lollygagging out in the theatre, waiting to be called, completely dolled up in my STUPID makeup and my STUPID twig-hair, reading that book, and one of the other witches would stroll by, see me, and BURST out laughing.

    It’s funny – doing that play was so embarrassing I thought I would never leave it down, but all I remember now is how much fun we all had doing our makeup and taking pictures of each other.

  6. Mark says:

    See, you had to go and bring up the “P” word. I’m constantly trying to resist the urge to Photoshop something. This time, I gave in.

  7. red says:

    Oh my God, is that a Family Circus book? If so, that is one of the funniest things I have ever seen.

  8. Mark says:

    Shit, I didn’t think anyone would be able to see what it was after the shrinking and skewing. Well done.

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