Sneaky Witches

I described in my original post about Macbeth how the 5 witches (yes. 5 witches. Not 3. 5.) became so obsessed with our makeup and hair (because the show was so bad) that we could not stop taking pictures of ourselves. I described it thus:

The five witches were so taken up by our stupid costumes and makeup that we would hang out in the backstage hallway before entering, taking pictures of ourselves.

Pictures of all the witches peeking their crazy heads around the corner.

Pictures of all the witches making their way down the stairs, like some demented version of the Von Trapp family singers.

Pictures of the witches lying about in death poses on the floor.

We were collectively late for our entrance one night because we were too busy taking pictures of ourselves. We resented the actual SHOW we were doing, for taking away from our time taking pictures of ourselves in costume.

Please click below, if you would like to see pictures of 5 witches creeping down the stairs for our own entertainment literally 20 seconds before we were supposed to go onstage.

Sneaky Witches, Part 1.

Sneaky Witches, Part 2.

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2 Responses to Sneaky Witches

  1. peteb says:

    Those photos are freaky, Sheila… the lead witch could be auditioning for a role in the next remake of The Ring

    (local TV station just ran the original Ring and the original sequel on consecutive nights.. *shudder*)

  2. red says:

    My favorite part of that top photo is the witch at the very very back – you have to squint to see her. Her hair is huge, and you can kind of see a bit of her white makeup – but other than that, she looks more like an apparition, a ghostly mirage … It’s HILARIOUS.

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