Ann Dvorak: Glamour

John has chosen Ann Dvorak for his “Monday Glamour” series. Go check it out.

I love this series of his – and I was excited to read his take on Ann Dvorak, especially because I’m reading the Howard Hawks biography right now – and he had an affair with her. As a matter of fact, I believe that she is one of the few actresses he used twice. It’s not that he had a rule about only using actresses once. It’s that he was on this constant search for the perfect female lead … If you watch his films in order, you can almost feel Hawks’ inner monologue: Is she the one? Is she the one? So Dvorak is up there with Lauren Bacall, an actress Hawks found fascinating and juicy enough to use twice. Great stuff – Dvorak sounds like a really interesting person.

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3 Responses to Ann Dvorak: Glamour

  1. Hank says:

    Seems everything John does is fascinating.
    Reading his blog, I wish he lived next door.
    Course, if he did, I’d probably visit every single day.

    Loved this description he included about
    her last movie..
    “…wherein Dvorak played a suicidal washed-up fashion model who jumps out a window during the first act and pretty much takes the picture with her.”

    Regards, Hank

    ps Off topic. Wife and I finally saw a wonderful
    movie you’ve recommended often. When the lead actor first appeared, we both thought his garb was a bit, well, unusual and slightly distracting,considering who the actor was. I remarked that we’ll see just how good this actor is if he can get us by the wardrobe. He did of course and we both loved the movie.

    “Got a match?”

  2. miker says:

    I think I saw something on television last weekend that mentioned Dvorak working for Hawks. I have to confess I’m not very familiar with her, but she does sound interesting…

  3. red says:

    Mike – Scarface was her big Hawks picture – Gangster movies to this day are still trying to live up to what Hawks created – great movie – you should see it!!

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