The Photo Booth Series 2

(Inspired by Tracey – although come to think of it, I was already kind of going this way last week, with Michael arriving.)

I have pictures of me with various people in photo booths throughout many MANY years. Mitchell and I have a photo booth fetish. We will call out emotional directions to each other in between photos. “MAD!” “EXCITED!” “FRUSTRATED!” Sometimes, as a joke, we will call out very specific emotional directions: “FEARFUL YET FULL OF HOPE” – and then we will try to “do” that for the photo. It’s hysterical.

These are from years ago. Look at how sepia-toned the damn thing looks. Uhm – old??

I cannot remember what the emotional directions were – but look at Mitchell’s face in that first photo. I think maybe we were trying to do a “DON’T MESS WITH ME” face.

I love you, Mitchell.

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11 Responses to The Photo Booth Series 2

  1. Rude1 says:

    Cool pics! Sorry I haven’t been around for a while, been super busy! Anyway, I just wanted to pop in and say Hi! BTW, you’re a hottie! :)

  2. tracey says:

    Hahaha! The photo booth series. Love it!

    Okay. So Mitchell is just blatantly adorable. I want to live in the ’50s and have Mitchell wear that outfit and deliver my newspaper, please.

    And I’m getting a very “Unbearable Lightness of Being” vibe from you in these. The hat, the
    smolder ….

  3. mitchell says: long ago..amazing..thanks Tracey…since my adorable days are long since over..its kinda nice to remember that i had a brief moment of glory(cue music to Camelot)…

  4. Eric the...bald says:

    Smolder! Exactly. She does indeed. The first one says “I am a force to be reckoned with…” and the second one says “…but there is softness here, as well.” And Mitchell just looks like a good time all day, every day. You can just feel the affection emanating from those images. I can imagine after the second flash, you both turning to face each other with radiant smiles of pure pleasure.

    Those remind me of my favorite picture of me with my best friend. 18 years old, bus stop photo booth in Atlanta, around midnight. We tried so hard to look serious and dangerous but we ended up just looking like Hall and Oates. And I was Oates. Dang.

  5. red says:

    Do you still have that scarf, mitchell? It’s such a YOU scarf.

  6. red says:

    Eric – hahahahaha Hall and Oates!!!

  7. red says:

    Oh and please Mitchell – you’re not adorable anymore? Right.

  8. JFH says:

    You guys are SO good looking… ya know, in this photo you look like a dead ringer for Siobhan (at least based on her web site pics and video)

  9. red says:

    JFH – siobhan and I definitely look alike.

    Patrick – I had a perm for years. I wish I had the energy to maintain such a thing now. I loved having curly hair.

  10. jean says:

    I was just going to say the say thing – I gasped when I saw that first pic – Siobhan! Melinda Witham just mentioned you two looking so much alike the other day and i just kind of yeah-yeahed her – but really, you do! Beautiful…

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