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Had a great talk with Mitchell last night (“I am so glad you put up those photo booth pictures – because my friends now can see what I looked like when I had hair“) – and we laughed about the moment when Mitchell lectured Michael and me about why Liza Minelli was great. I remember it clearly – Michael and I were on the couch at Mitchell’s, and Michael even remembers what Mitchell SAID. Almost word for word. We were probably being snarky about her, and Mitchell was not having any of it. “Okay, so here’s the deal with Liza, mkay?” We shut up and listen. We were afraid for our lives, basically.

Meanwhile: I’m going to see Liza Minelli in Vegas in October. With Alex. So there’s some sort of full circle insanity at work. Mitchell: your lecture, lo those many years ago, had an effect. Even when she was a bloated tick, IN MY PRESENCE, I remembered your words.

I love this. It kinda says it all. Also, it’s really moving (in a sad way, in a way that brings up a feeling of intense loss) when it’s “the morning after” and the room has lost its magic and whimsy – and has become just another cheesy motel room. That transition is really well done in the film.

This scene below is so messed up because of the context – where they are, and what they are in the middle of doing when they start to have sex on the bed. It’s like: Guys. That is not. your. room. Go home!

Love this moment. It’s brief – not dwelled on, or explained … but it just captures her entire emotional experience. Love it.

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4 Responses to Kwik Stop Screen Captures

  1. Carrie says:

    Sheila, have you listened to Neko Case yet, this song on her latest album (Fox Confessor Brings the Flood) totally reminds me of the mood you’ve created with your recent romantic reminiscing – get yourself a copy of The Needle Has Landed from iTunes, I think you’ll really enjoy it.

  2. Westside B says:

    Many, many moons ago, I worked on THE RINK with Chita Rivera and Liza. While I have many stories from that show (which was pretty damn amazing), I can mention one here.

    There was a company party, cast and crew, in a loft downtown. We didn’t expect anyone “above the line” to show up, but both Liza and Chita made appearances and hung out with the regular folks.

    After a short time, Liza asked if she could use the phone. She went into the bedroom and called her Dad, Vincente Minnelli, in California. And stayed on the phone FOR TWO HOURS.

    I think she was shy and intimidated, and retreated to the bedroom for safety. We all thought it was funny that our host was freaking out over the phone bill. But ultimately, we felt sad for Liza. She was a lost soul even back then, swamped with public attention and yet very alone.

    Does anyone remember that Jason Alexander sang, danced and roller skated on that Show?


  3. red says:

    Carrie – you’re awesome. Thanks for the recommendation – I listened to it this morning. So sweet and melancholy – but mostly sweet. :)

  4. Carrie says:

    Sheila, it just seemed to fit, even if not a straight literal evocation of what you’ve been writing, the mood in the song and the chorus really seemed to have a connection. I’ve been listening to that album a lot (it’s wonderful, all of it), and this last week whenever I’d get to the chorus I’d think, Damn, Sheila needs to hear this song! lol. I just thought what with autumn arriving, it might be good mood music for you. Enjoy :-)
    PS Can’t wait, she’s playing over here and I am going to see her in a little tiny club, it’s going to be great!! I dragged Emily to see her a couple years ago when I was over. It was a great night.

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