Cornell Connection

Poster for Wes Anderson’s new film

Joseph Cornell’s “Pink Palace”

I know I am not the first one to recognize the influence that Joseph Cornell has had on Wes Anderson. It’s everywhere in his work, from the feel, down to the structure (box-like, miniature). When I saw the poster for his upcoming film (the first poster I’ve seen for it), I immediately thought of Cornell and one of his creepiest constructions.

Speaking of Wes Anderson: My friend (and editor, and fellow Dogfight lover) Matt Zoller Seitz wrote a book about Wes Anderson which just came out. The Wes Anderson Collection. I cannot wait to read it. I’ve seen it on display at Barnes & Noble and it is gorgeous, almost an art-book. He collaborated with Wes Anderson for the book, interviewing Anderson about each film. Very exciting.

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  1. mutecypher says:

    Ohh, I see the first trailer is set for release Thursday. There were some seriously brilliant mathematicians and physicists in Budapest in the first half of the 20th century – when the film is said to be set. I’m wondering how much that will inform the movie.

    And yes, Cornell boxes! A wonderful framing device. I’m also expecting some quirky-cool music for the soundtrack. And it’s great to see old members of the Wes Actors Guild as well as some new ones.

  2. brendan says:


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