Cape Cod, Here I Come

In the past three days I have become, in the words of my friend Jackie, a “redheaded whirligig”.

I am moving. The date has been set for the 18th of August. The movers are booked.

I have subletters living with me at the moment. I am glad to have them, but find it rather disorienting, too. My apt. is completely packed up, so I am definitely not set up for house guests. However, they are independent women, very polite, and are being very good sports about it.

Additionally: I am going to Cape Cod tomorrow, with my family, and we’ll be staying up there for a week. I definitely need a break. My heart rate has not slowed down in 4 days.

I need a little sun, a swim in the ocean, some leisure time, driving around with my sisters with the windows down, blasting music. Cannot wait.

I will be back, mind cleared, in my sweet new apartment, ready to blog again on the 19th of August.

Oh, and I finished Atonement last night. I cried for 10 minutes after finishing the book. That’s only happened to me two other times before. Even if a book is phenomenal, and moving, and well-done, it is rare that one dissolves me into tears. Prayer for Owen Meany did that. Geek Love did that. I still cannot bring myself to read that book again. Phenomenal story, but … painful.

Atonement is, far and away, one of the saddest stories I have ever read. Brilliantly written. And until the last paragraph, you do not know the end of the story … and then he wraps it all up in 2 or 3 concise devastating sentences.

I shall return, refreshed and even more freckled than usual.

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6 Responses to Cape Cod, Here I Come

  1. Amy says:

    Yes Sheila, A Prayer for Owen Meany was an awesome book.

    Have a great time away and enjoy yourself!

  2. Da Goddess says:

    I’m jealous that you got movers. Done in a day? Green eyed monster alert!!!!

  3. howard e. says:

    Weehawken? Began school there in 1930.

    And, there was a lovely little park there overlooking the Hudson River, where Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton fought a duel (1797?). If I remember my history, Hamilton deliberately fired into the air, and Burr killed him. It brought about the end of dueling in the U.S.

    We’d go there to watch the famous ships coming up the Hudson, like the Normandie and Queen Mary.

    I’m sure it is much changed, but the park is a delightful spot to spend a bit of tiome on a Sunday afternoon during Indian Summer in the east.

    Good luck, and much happiness in your move to New Jersey.

  4. Babalu Blog says:

    El Leenkaso

    This is a busy weekend for me so posting will be light. But here for your reading placer I submit, El Leenkaso: -Dean Esmay wants to know what the mamitas like in their papitos? Do chu laek your mens to…

  5. Sgt Hook says:

    I hope you find an old fashioned New England Clam Bake while you’re there. Enjoy.

  6. Jaime says:

    Hey Sheila! Good luck with the move! ;-) I was reading your post and felt the need to comment because I’m moving up to NY on the same day you’re moving to a new apartment. Stressful, isn’t it?

    Also, I know what you mean about reading a book all in one night — being moved to tears by it. I just read ‘The Bell Jar’ by Sylvia Plath and I tell you, it was an amazing experience.

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