Review: Winter’s Tale (2014)


If you’ve been reading me for a while, then you know my feelings about Mark Helprin’s book. So the film pained me. It doesn’t get one bit of it right. Colin Farrell is actually playing the right story, its subtext and urgency and love and all that, but the rest? It’s horrible.

My review is now up at Roger Ebert.

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11 Responses to Review: Winter’s Tale (2014)

  1. Dan says:

    As I expected (alas).

    I enjoyed the review though.

  2. Fran Di Pasqua says:

    My best friend has been waiting for this movie for 30 years and has been keeping tabs on all the news about it. She reads the book once a year. By now, she figures it will stink but must see it anyway. I have always said that it should be a miniseries (preferably on premium cable) because there is too much going on to fit into a movie. By now, technology has caught up to the artistic needs of the story.

    She agrees that Goldsman is not the right director for this material.

    • sheila says:

      A mini-series would definitely have been more appropriate.

      Thanks for commenting. I am feeling the need to read the book again, after seeing the movie!

  3. mutecypher says:

    I had a bad feeling after your “Last Night Friend Fragments” if you were going to review the book instead of the movie.

    I won’t watch it. Thanks for taking one for the team.

    • sheila says:

      I swear, I tried to go into it with an open mind and judge it on its merits as a movie. It doesn’t work as a movie either, of that I am sure!

  4. God, it sounds terrible!! Great review, though, Sheila!

  5. brendan says:

    hahahahaa great last line

  6. Another Sheila says:

    Oh no. I read this book years ago after reading about it here — loved it deeply, and have recommended it countless times since. When I heard that a film version was coming out, I actually immediately thought of you! I’m almost scared to read your review because I’m so sad to find out how badly they fucked it up, but here I go…

    • sheila says:

      Sheila – bah, it’s such a drag!! I am so so pleased I introduced some people to that book – could not be happier. I’m going to re-read it this year just to erase the movie out of my mind!

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