Mickey Rourke Obsession: I’m Out Of My League

Here is an email from Michael:

here’s one of many stories/anecdotes/observations of Mickey:

when i moved to LA for the first time, back in my early twenties, i was renting a piece a shit car from a place called Rent-A-Wreck and i desperately wanted to just BUY my own piece of shit. a friend of a friend of a that kind of thing led me to a purple 50’s stunt car from a low-budget movie that the production company was selling for far more than it was worth. but when the woman selling it told me that it was the car Mickey Rourke drove in the movie they just wrapped, i told her i’d buy it, sight unseen. to her credit, she basically told me it was lemon, don’t bother, but i said i’d like to take it for a spin. which i did, all by myself, cruising West Hollywood with my mirrored cop glasses on, saying to myself, “i’m sitting in the same place Mickey Rourke sat in, touching the wheel that Mickey touched,” soaking in his vibe. later i saw the movie (on video, of course. it was in the mid 90’s, his dark days) and it was called FALL TIME. avoid it. it sucks. and Mickey was in his lazy, whispering, touching his lower lip with every line and always wearing sunglasses phase. he needed the paycheck.

have you seen FRANCESCO? Mickey Rourke plays St. Francis of Assisi. yes. you read that right. i don’t remember it much but i know Helena Bonham Carter was in it and at one point you can see Mickey’s biker tattoo (in the 1200’s!).

Ah yes. The ‘touching his lower lip on every line’ phase. I know it well.

But that’s why I love Michael. Because we have that same level of obsessiveness that leads us to things like driving purple stunt cars around wearing cop sunglasses. Or, say, flying to Taos and crashing Dean Stockwell’s party. Either one.

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5 Responses to Mickey Rourke Obsession: I’m Out Of My League

  1. Karen says:

    \\Because we have that same level of obsessiveness … flying to Taos and crashing Dean Stockwell’s party.\\

    What… you mean that’s obsessive?

    Uh oh.

    But I didn’t crash! I had an invite!

  2. red says:

    Ha!!! Revel in your obsession!

  3. nightfly says:

    I’ve seen Francescso. There are some pretty far-out moments – Rourke is very good, as I recall, though it’s been years.

    To me the best part of that film is the juxtaposition of boxing, hard-living roughneck Mickey Rourke playing the pacifist St. Francis, who basically marched in the Crusades unarmed to try to convert the Sultan to Christianity. But during the film you never think of it once, because, you know, he’s a great actor.

  4. red says:

    Well, and Rourke is also a practicing and devout Catholic (“although I’m no Holy Joe”, he says). I’m sure that might have had something to do with his attraction to the project.

    Francesco is on my Netflix queue! Can’t wait!

  5. MrG says:

    There was a glimps of Mickey on the HBO Series 24/7 (about the boxers). He was a visitor to the gym in Los Angeles where Manny Pacquiao is currently training. Mickey appeared to be sitting in a rocking chair, holding a cane and sporting that unusual haircut and facial hair. Made me laugh to see it.

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