My Activity Log

It’s a diverse group. People use my Search box on my site to look for all kinds of things. I figured I’d give a helping hand where appropriate.

— Dubliners (here’s one)

— science fiction (good luck with that)

— The Crucible (weird. I have no posts on that play.)

— Aristotelian (I love you)

— Al Pacino Godfather (sadly no)

— Christian (why do you want to know? Also: LOOK AT MY NAME and take a wild guess)

— Gallipoli (sadly no)

— Smith sister murder (I really should write something on that, come to think of it)

— la dolce vita (I only have this, sorry)

— syphilis (WTF??)

— chicago pub (how much time do ya got? This’ll have to do for starters)

— strip clubs (again: WTF??)

— pinter (how ’bout this excerpt of my favorite of his plays)

— Solaris (sorry, no, I just have this)

— Oxiana (sorry, no, although I adore you for the attempt. This book, however, is on my To-Be-Read pile, so hang in there.)

— graham greene (Here you go)

— prom (what about prom? – to quote Molly Ringwald. Sorry, nothing. I only went to one prom and it was a disaster of the highest order)

— Hepburn + Clift (hmmm. Very specific. Hope you found something.)

— lindberg (check your spelling, maybe you’ll get better results, pallie. Here’s one post you might like.)

— Teahupoo (Here you go. Strangely enough, considering my confessed ignorance on the entire topic, that post probably generates more random Google traffic to my site than any other.)

— another woman (I love you – will this do?)

— bismarck (I love you. This is all I got. Sorry.)

— Rilla of Ingleside (I love you. Here you go.)

— you know how to whistle (why, yes I do. Maybe this will whet your whistle)

— It by Stephen King (Here you go)

— optimism and depression (Interesting. I have not posted on that topic – but I think this book would be really helpful for whatever you are looking for. It really really helped me.)

— blurpy (this is probably what you’re looking for)

— cummings (maybe this?)

— o’hara (speaking of blurpy … Here is THE O’Hara post. If you’re looking for another O’Hara, you could try this or this)

— ballet shoes (here you go)

— heath ledger (let’s remember happier days. Here you go)

— 1984 (here you go!)

— country girls (Here you go)

— obama (good luck with that)

— mother in law (huh? I’m not married.)

— machiavelli (Here you go)

— offside (LOVE that movie. Here is my review)

— burke (I love you. Here you go)

— raise high the roof beams (Here you go)

— leslie van houten (As I have mentioned before, any time that bitch comes up for parole, I notice a spike in traffic to this post, and it is my hope that it is some moronic sympathizer looking for information and they come across THAT.)

— crying pictures (Not sure – maybe this?)

— Declaration of Independence (hard to choose when there is so much, but you can start off here)

— for esme with love and squalor (Bless you. Here you go)

— Sarah Palin (good luck with that – you really haven’t figured out the lay of the land here, have you?)

— soul ached (hm. PAST tense … did I say at some point that my soul ACHED, as opposed to ACHE … I have no idea. Hope you find what you’re looking for and that your soul doesn’t ache forever!)

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19 Responses to My Activity Log

  1. Tommy says:

    I get a LOT of syphilis searches to my site. A LOT. I’m averaging double-digits in numbers of searches a day. Granted, I put that thing up about half the presidents dying of it, so I know why I’m getting hits….I’m more worried about the high numbers of people out there searching for it.

    I only did google searches on bronchitis when I had bronchitis….

  2. red says:

    Tommy – really? You get that, too? Okay, I’m strangely relieved.

  3. Tommy says:

    Don’t get me wrong…if it weren’t for the syphilis searches and people looking for the “as big as a hat” joke, I’d be getting 7 readers a day. A hit is a hit, in my book….

  4. red says:

    Oh I totally agree – but these are things that people are looking for on my site once they are already here. You know? Like they land on my homepage and think, “Huh. Wonder if she has ever written about syphilis or strip clubs. Let me check.”

  5. David says:

    Remember the day I searched for “cock and balls” on your site as a joke and you wrote this scathing post to my id? I had to come clean.

  6. red says:

    I think I banned you, too, sight unseen, just on the basis of that search term.



    Oh. It’s just David.

    I’m dying!!!

  7. Kerry says:

    That is hilarious. Okay, and I want a link to the post about half the presidents dying of syphilis, please.

  8. Emily says:

    I remember trying to search your site – oh, KILL ME for not being able to remember what it was – that I was sure was going to freak you out if you just saw it on its own, so I wrote something like “[search subject] hi, sheila, it’s just me, Emily. Don’t freak out.” Which, of course, complete threw the entire search off and turned up no results at all. Sigh. That’s about the only thing I miss about having a Movable Type blog at a domain. The activity log turning up people searching your site alone for “midgets eating pizza at a wrestling match.”

  9. red says:

    Emily – hahahahahahaha that was hilarious!

    I know – the things people look for! Then of course there was the “hot gay elf sex” situation.

  10. mitchell says:

    well…in Santaland..there is a brief discsussion of the possibility of hot gay elf sex…”Snowball is playing a danderous game!”.

  11. red says:

    Mitchell – hahahaha God, I so wish I could come see you do that!

    The “hot gay elf sex” came out (somehow) of the Lord of the Rings conversations we were having and the lust some people appear to have for Orlando Bloom. At least that’s what I think was going on.

    I hope you’re enjoying rehearsal!!

  12. Alexandra says:


    “Raise high the roof beams”??? Genius.

    I know how you feel, Sheila. If you google “Drunk Frat Boy” a picture of me comes up.


  13. Catherine says:

    Hah, I’m pretty sure I’m ‘Machiavelli’, ‘Burke’, ‘cummings’, ‘Another Woman’ and ‘Bismarck’. You know, sometimes I’ll be reading up on stuff and think, “Hey, I wonder if Sheila has written anything about this?”. And you usually have! And it was freaky, that e.e.cummings’ poem “somewhere i have never travelled” was the exact one I was obsessing on! Oh, and O’Hara was me too. And it was Frank, btw. ;)

  14. red says:

    Catherine – Ha!! I told you “I love you” three times!!

  15. Kate P says:

    It’s so cute how you apologize for not having some of the things people are looking for. What I really want to know is, did the daily searches for “sheila fashions” ever stop?

  16. S says:

    I’ve been a daily reader of your blog for a few years now (and thank you for some wonderful reading!), and I guess now’s as good a time as ever to finally leave a comment. I’m the one who searched for Gallipoli. I recently set out to watch all of Peter Weir’s movies. I rented Gallipoli this weekend without any prior knowledge of it and was totally unprepared for what I got, and so watching it blew me away emotionally–enough that I was desperate for good commentary in the aftermath so I could detach myself from it a little. I thought it was worth trying here, since you’ve written so much great commentary for some of his other films. I’ve especially enjoyed your posts about Witness.

    This may be old news to you, but since I know you’re also a Madeleine L’Engle fan: did you know that a novel of hers called The Joys of Love was published posthumously this year? I had no idea until I stumbled across it in the library this week and thought I was imagining things. A Madeleine L’Engle book I’d never heard of? Impossible! Of course I had to check it out immediately. I enjoyed it very much–nothing too earth-shattering, but so good to hear her authorial voice again.

  17. red says:

    S – Hello! Yes, I LOVE Peter Weir … and definitely would love to write something on Gallipoli!

    And funny – I just ordered The Joys of Love about a week ago from Amazon! I haven’t received it yet, but I was so excited to hear about it! I’m still not used to the situation that there will be no more Madeleine L’Engle books from now on!

  18. just1beth says:

    Was the “Hot Gay Elf Sex” episode after you were here watching LOTR with Ceileidh and Conor and busting on the pillow fight scene? Or was that some other sex/elf innuendo??
    And by the way, I’m the one that searched for Hope wearing your giant pink sunglasses….

  19. red says:

    Beth – hahahahahaha That reminds me – I HAVE to take a photo of her wearing them. Maybe I could send that out as my Christmas card!!

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