Edward Hopper

Totally transportive. He’s one of my favorites.
















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17 Responses to Edward Hopper

  1. Rob says:

    Very nice. Not familiar with these. Who is it? Love the coffee shop or diner (The last one).

  2. red says:

    All Edward Hopper!

  3. red says:

    That last one is called “Night Hawks” and is probably his most famous one.

    My favorite of his, though, is the one third from the bottom.

  4. Rob says:

    Very similar to John Singer Sargent, one of my faves. Thanks. I’ll have to look for more. Wish I could afford one. :)

  5. JFH says:

    Like most people I LOVE “Nighthawks”, I’ve only been to the Art Institute of Chicago once… But I sure spent a lot of time in front of that painting. (It was across from American Gothic, I think, when I was there)

    I’m embarrassed to say I’m am not familiar with half these Hopper paints, but they are all fantastic. I really like the one with the guy and girl on the porch.. (What is the name of that one?)

  6. red says:

    Summer evening.

    Another one of his I love is called Blue Jukebox.

  7. JFH says:

    Speaking of “American Gothic”, it’s kind of ironic that Wood’s and Hopper’s most famous paintings are not only across from each other, but have to be the most imitated/parodied paintings in American art.

    Do a Google search on images of both these paintings and you’ll see what I mean

  8. ricki says:

    I love how so many of these seem to tell a story – the girl in the pink bikini/skirt talking with the boy on the porch, the movie usher lost in thought, the woman (secretary?) turning to her boss from the filing cabinet.

    Still, I think my favorite is one of the more enigmatic ones – the one of the door opening right out onto the ocean.

  9. Catherine says:

    I was that girl in #3 this morning! Well, a significantly less glarmorous version, I mean. I need a midnight blue ensemble including a hat, and then I’ll be flying.

    I’d seen most of these before, but not the one in the cinema. I can’t stop looking at that particular one! The usherette reminds me of Katharine Hepburn a little. The cut of her slacks, I guess.

    And I can’t see “Night Hawks” without thinking of that Tom Waits album. Mmmm.

  10. tracey says:

    I love all of these. The girl alone with her teacup gets me.

    Can I say that I’m a bit confused by the second one? I see the woman’s arm and I think I see a hand, but I’m wondering why I can’t see any more of her other arm that should be attached to that hand. It’s like there is a random detached hand caressing her leg, which, look, nobody cares for but she seems pretty sanguine about.

    Just seems like, given the angle, we should be able to see some of the other arm.

    Or I could just let it go. Let it go, Tracey. Let go of the detached hand.

  11. red says:

    Tracey – it’s funny that you should say that – there was a recent post on a film-blog about Hopper’s kind of strange elongation, where things seem wrong – or out of proportion – let me try to track it down. It wasn’t about that specific painting but the one of the people on the train (which I don’t think I posted here).

    Be right back … with film-post in hand!

  12. tracey says:

    I didn’t mean sanguine; I meant phlegmatic. Oh, how I mix those pesky humors.

    The porch one makes me think a little bit of “Picnic.”

  13. red says:

    And the girl in the automat … it makes me lonely just looking at it. Lots of his paintings do that … they yawn with isolation and loneliness.

  14. jennchez says:

    the portrait of the old victorian looks like the house from Psycho.

  15. melissa says:

    I love Hopper’s paintings. (I recognized him about 3 paintings down …). Some days I really identify with the woman sitting next to her bed watching the sun.

  16. Ann Marie says:

    We have 3 of his prints on our “long wall” in the main room (Nighthawks, Chop Suey, and New York Restaurant). I love the 6th one down too and the one at the theater. We decided to go with all restaurant pieces so that 6th one down would have worked too.

    (I realized I’m 2 days late to this post… catching up!)

  17. Happy place

    Maybe the happiest place of all for me, even though he (the character) has a sad end….

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