Venetian Blinds and Gleaming Silver Pistols: Sudden Fear (1952)

Illustration by the talented Brianna Ashby, who did illustrations for the entire November issue

I wrote an essay on Sudden Fear, starring Joan Crawford, Jack Palance and Gloria Grahame, for the November Noir issue of Bright Wall/Dark Room. A noir/women’s picture from 1952, and a killer vehicle for the brilliant Joan Crawford, Sudden Fear is a moody and gorgeously shot film, with a couple of tour de force acting sequences for La Crawford. I was so happy to write up the film for Bright Wall/Dark Room. (I contributed an essay on His Girl Friday for their “journalism” issue.)

The essay is currently behind a subscriber wall (the magazine is subscription-based), but wanted to provide a link for those of you who subscribe (or would consider subscribing: it’s a great magazine!):

Venetian Blinds and Gleaming Silver Pistols.

Sometimes they excerpt some of their content for free, and I will give you all a heads up if that happens.

In the meantime: see Sudden Fear if you haven’t already! Trust me!

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