A depraved mind reveals itself casually

Michele (looking at photo): “It looks like –”

Me (interrupting, nodding, thinking I will be agreeing with her): “Everyone is about to be murdered.”


Michele: “Actually, no, I was going to say a nice suburban picnic.”

Me: “Oh. Oops.”

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5 Responses to A depraved mind reveals itself casually

  1. Johnny V says:

    I will need to see this photo. Until then, I reserve judgement.

  2. red says:

    Imagine a sunny picnic in a park with playing kids and adults in lawn chairs. Seriously. That was all it was.

    But I saw impending slaughter.

  3. Michael H. Doherty says:

    And it is just for this very reason that we cannot wait to read your first novel! I love it when I expect a picnic and get murder!! Kind of like reading Jaws for the first time…

  4. Kerry says:

    You are hilarious.

  5. Alex says:


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