Rotterdam@BAM: Street Days; Director: Levan Koguashvili


This week, BAM is partnering with the prestigious International Film Festival Rotterdam to present to American audiences the winners of IFFR’S Tiger competition (given to first- or second-time filmmakers). I went to many of the press screenings last week (as should be obvious by now), and reviewed as many as I could. The screenings for the public are going on this week (see schedule in link above), and this is a great opportunity to get a look at films that have little to no chance of getting distributed in the States.

Here is my review of the Georgian film Street Days, directed by Levan Koguashvili. A bleak and also hysterically funny tale about life on the streets of Tbilisi, Street Days focuses on one junkie, Checkie, and his moral dilemma. The cops want him to procure drugs for Ika, a teenage boy, who is the son of a minister in the government. Ika is the son of Checkie’s childhood friend. Checkie is a junkie, a magnificent portrayal of the dead-end quality and yet also the manic desperation of addiction. Add to that an insightful portrayal of life in Georgia right now – the birthplace of Stalin – and you get a fascinating film. Go check out my review. It screens at BAM on Monday – that is, today (follow link above for more information).

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