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“Fosse Time”

All That Jazz turns 30 years old this month, and Matt Zoller Seitz has a wonderful appreciation/analysis of the movie, and its influence (with great quotes from other directors and editors about how that movie impacted their art) in The … Continue reading

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End of Summer Movie Quiz: My Answers

Dennis Cozzalio presents: Dr. Smith’s Lost in the Space at the End of Summer Movie Quiz. I live for his seasonal quizzes! I have answered (in my typical fashion) with images and Youtube clips rather than just words. It’s been … Continue reading

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All That Jazz: Remembering and Loving Erzebet Foldi

First of all: A great post about the opening sequence. He really breaks it down, why it’s so damn good. I love All That Jazz. I saw it when I was a kid, at Edwards Hall up on campus – … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Bob Fosse!

I found this great link online (click on it to make it bigger) – called “A Step-by-Step Tour Through the Moves of Bob Fosse”. It details his slinky anti-gravity counter-intuitive completely recognizable style. Check out how the hands go. It’s … Continue reading

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