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“My philosophy is that to be a director you cannot be subject to anyone, even the head of the studio. I threatened to quit each time I didn’t get my way, but no one ever let me walk out.” — Dorothy Arzner

It’s her birthday today. I have written quite a bit about her films here, mainly one of my favorites, Merrily We Go to Hell, a superb drama about a marriage gone terribly wrong, starring Sylvia Sidney and Fredric March in … Continue reading

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December 2019 Viewing Diary

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (2019; d. Marielle Heller) This is a really good film. Thoughtful and deep. I love Marielle Heller’s work so much and so psyched to see whatever it is she chooses to do next. The … Continue reading

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The Original “It Girl”: Clara Bow in It (1927)

In 1927, novelist and author of erotica, Elinor Glyn, popularized the term “It”, “it” being sex appeal, sexuality. Because Glyn was so respectable (she looks like a society matron, with braids coiled around her head, and long flowing gowns) her … Continue reading

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The Books: “Cooper’s Women” (Jane Ellen Wayne)

Daily Book Excerpt: Entertainment Biography/Memoir: Cooper’s Women, by Jane Ellen Wayne This is not an “important” biography. It’s not a biography at all, really. It is a list of Gary Cooper’s many conquests, written in a chatty movie-magazine style, and … Continue reading

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