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Commonplace Book: Pleasure

“[A critic] must hold on to the principle that the only reason for praising a work is that it pleases, and the way to develop his critical sense is to be more acutely aware of whether he is being pleased … Continue reading

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Commonplace Book: Two from Heinrich Heine

“That was but a prelude; where they burn books, they will ultimately burn people as well.” “Christianity – and that is its greatest merit – has somewhat mitigated that brutal Germanic love of war, but it could not destroy it. … Continue reading

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Commonplace Book: A Martian’s first impressions

I was reading an interview with Martin Amis, and he went on and on for about 2 minutes about a poem he really loved. He said it helped him look at the world fresh, and/or try to find new ways … Continue reading

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Commonplace Book: Continuity

“Thus Hitler establishes a firm continuity between persuasion, propaganda, intimidation and terror, between words and deeds, and this continuity is the characteristic praxis of his regime. Facing this continuity, the citizen of the Third Reich has allowed himself to be … Continue reading

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Launch of the Commonplace Book

Way back in the day (and I am coming up on the 19th anniversary of starting this blog – CRAZY) – but I used to do “commonplace book” entries, and even started a Tumblr called Commonplace Book. I’ve always kept … Continue reading

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