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“If someone puts up $100 million on a movie, they’re gonna be concerned about whether they’ll get it back. So they’re not gonna make a movie about three girls, you know?” – Lili Taylor

It’s her birthday today. Like most of my generation, Lili Taylor first made an impression on me in Mystic Pizza. She’s basically the third lead, and she’s great throughout, but her monologue at the end – if you’ve seen the … Continue reading

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January 2018 Viewing Diary

Supernatural, Season 7, episode 10 “Death’s Door” (2011; d. Robert Singer) What an extraordinary episode of television. It’s funny: I too block out what happened in that kitchen in Bobby’s childhood. I forget it almost every time. Those actors playing … Continue reading

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April 2017 Viewing Diary

I just dash these off. Superficial bullet-point analysis for the most part. It’s a good way to keep track of what I’ve seen, for year-end lists, of course, but also for future reference. I also always love the discussions on … Continue reading

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The Return of Nancy Savoca’s Dogfight

For a while now, Nancy Savoca’s masterpiece Dogfight has been out of print. It had been released on DVD, with a wonderful commentary track by Savoca, but it was threatening to slide into obscurity. (I have made a couple of … Continue reading

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Silver Dagger

Matt Zoller Seitz over at Salon has a fantastic slideshow up about songs that are inextricably tied to certain scenes in movies. It’s fantastic because it’s fantastic, but it’s also fantastic because of slide #21. I’m strangely proud because Matt … Continue reading

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Dogfight, Dogfight

No end in sight. It’s fitting that the conversation continues, on this day, because it is one of the most romantic movies ever made.

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Matt Zoller Seitz and I Discuss Nancy Savoca’s Dogfight

Dogfight, written by Bob Comfort, and directed by Nancy Savoca, stars Lili Taylor as Rose Fenny, a shy frumpy waitress living in San Francisco in 1963, dreaming of being a folk singer, and River Phoenix, at his very best, as … Continue reading

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