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Her Anklet

I love this piece of cinematic/literary analysis and appreciation by Glenn Kenny about that gold anklet Barbara Stanwyck wears in Double Indemnity.

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Great Mad Women in Cinema

Some of these women probably would not qualify for a diagnosis from the psychiatric profession. And perhaps their madness is actually a heightened level of sanity, as is often the case. Nevertheless, they are mad. Wonderfully mad.

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Billy Wilder on Double Indemnity

Excerpt from Conversations with Wilder: [Barbara Stanwyck] was just an extraordinary woman. She took the script, loved it, right from the word go, didn’t have the agent come and say, “Look, she’s to play a murderess, she must get more … Continue reading

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Conversations with Wilder, Cameron Crowe

A great interview with him about film noir. One of my favorite books, at least in the realm of the art of film-making, is Cameron Crowe’s wonderful book Conversations with Wilder. Wilder was always famously honest, if even a little … Continue reading

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