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R.I.P. Seymour Cassel

Seymour Cassel has died. A John Cassavetes regular, an essential member of that merry band of actor misfits, who followed their own sense of truth with an improvisatory and free-flowing jazz-riff style so impossible to replicate (even though so many … Continue reading

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Great Movie Posters

A meme has been going around Facebook to post your favorite movie poster of “a great film.” It’s been a lot of fun to see all the different artwork posted by people. Figured I’d share some of them. First, I … Continue reading

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Cassavetes’ Faces

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The Faces of Faces

“Nobody has the time to be vulnerable to each other.”

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“These moments are so alive and spontaneous, it’s difficult to believe that ‘Faces’ was entirely scripted; though the actors were given great freedom when it came to their gestures and motivations, there was virtually no improvisation on set.”

A great review by Dana Stevens of John Cassavetes’ Faces, a movie I’ve never written about (my bad, entirely) – and the latest Criterion Collection release. I have the Cassavetes box set, so I don’t really need to buy the … Continue reading

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