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“I had a series of mini-breakdowns where the public persona – this thing, this face, this person who writes this music… I would walk past that person in the mirror or listen to that person playing guitar and I didn’t know who they were.” — Thom Yorke

It’s his birthday today. My associative memories involving Radiohead are a little bit too intense and specific, and so I find it difficult to listen to them anymore. Some music is like that. It’s so associated with something specific you … Continue reading

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“The problem with taking amps to a shop is that they come back sounding like another amp.” — Stevie Ray Vaughan

It’s his birthday today. It’s a bonus he came along in an era of TV specials, and televised performances, and video-taped blah blah blah, because there are tons of live performance clips – and you can’t really get the totality … Continue reading

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“I’ve been to every big city and many little towns in the USA. I really try to soak it in. I love all these little towns – the people and the places. I feel so lucky to see all these places and I truly have a hunger to see and experience them.” — G. Love

G. Love It’s G. Love’s birthday today. Naturally, it was through my brother that I discovered G. Love and the Special Sauce. Bren has a way of discovering people not on my radar at all and then passing on the … Continue reading

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“Morpheus comes into our dreams…and we woke up and started this band…we’re all wrapped up in these dream messages, and we were compelled to start this band.” — Mark Sandman, lead singer of Morphine

It’s almost too perfect that the man who spoke those words in the title of this post is named SANDMAN. I was never on the Morphine train, although I had one of their albums, and they were ubiquitous in the … Continue reading

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This Could Be A Total Bust, or Mickey Rourke Inside The Actor’s Studio, by Brendan O’Malley

My talented brother Brendan O’Malley is an amazing writer and actor. He maintained a blog for many years (he doesn’t blog anymore) -in 2020 I posted links to his 50 Best Albums essays, as well as all of his music … Continue reading

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Music and my aunt Anne.

We said farewell to Anne yesterday, four generations gathered together, to mourn and celebrate our mother, aunt, sister, wife, friend. I wrote about Anne and my family, and music.

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New Substack: Bloomsday past and present

For my Substack, I wrote about the Bloomsday celebration I’ve been going to (more or less) for 20 years, and my history with the book, and Dad, and lovable finance bro, and meeting people where the sole bond is knowing … Continue reading

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Mike Doughty, if you’re out there …

It’s singer-songwriter Mike Doughty’s birthday today. My brother Brendan introduced me to Doughty’s music back in the day – specifically the album Skittish, which I still own – because I still believe in owning my music, not renting it from … Continue reading

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R.I.P. my dear Great-aunt joan

In 2016, I went to the annual 4th of July party hosted by my godmother Geddy and my uncle Doug. Great-aunt Joan was there and we sat in chairs at the side of the road and watched the parade go … Continue reading

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It’s been a long time. I just checked. The last “snapshots” I did was September 2020. !!! What a terrible terrible month. And the worst was yet to come. 2021 is like a lost year. Even though so much happened. … Continue reading

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